…, Reactive to buses Mary, my 3 year old Pyrenees, has been lunging and growling at busses and some other vehicles occasionally during our walks. Much, much more than my other pyrenees dogs. used to guard flocks today from all wild life, including coyotes, wolves 4 month old GP with extra, extra, extra long hair  My 4 month old great Pyrenees has extremely long hair. With smooth movements, the breed has a good drive and reach. Some reputable breeders are offering pups who have already been neutered at 8 weeks. One thing continues to be a little hard to understand. I purely ask the question to pass information along to others who …, 6 week old pups outside Is it ok to leave our 9 six week old great pyr pups outside in a 10x10 kennel? Click here to see the rest of the form and complete your submission. We haven't had …, Toes - Six on Registered Pup My registered Pyrenees hair I produced a six-toed puppy 6 front toes is this a fluke or something that I should be real concerned about, Teeth cleaned My 7 year old Great Pyrenees stopped eating her kibble. His nose has some pink too. Why are the Great Pyrenees white with some tan. Nothing works, neither Xanax or Benadryl. Did you consider buying a mature dog? My main concern is how the breed does when left alone for the day? I really can't figure out a good way to check for lumps and bumps. Indoor Working Dog My Pyrs are working livestock guardians. We just got a great pyrenees/german shepherd from someone on a swip swap group. However, for homes with adequate space, and owners with the patience for socialization, they can be truly stoic guardians. She gets in creek water often and rolls in fields. …, Is my dog a great pyrenees? The majestic, imposing, and elegant Great Pyrenees is a medium-built large dog and slightly long. I'm having him neutered tomorrow and he still has double dew claws. You want to drown out as many noises as possible. Guarding ducks I recently got 3 ducks for my Great Pyrenees to watch. Did we cover all of the questions? Nevertheless, these big dogs He is now a 147 lb, 7 year old neutered, lazy male. Where does this digging …, Weight Is it normal for a female to be bigger then the male, Barking throughout the night We have recently adopted a 2 yr. old Great Pyr. Stop nipping me! He comes in like a lion, herds our other dog away …, Chewing on Wood My 1 1/2 year old female Great Pyrenees keeps chewing on our wooden deck and bridge. She has large spots without hair. Dripping Nose My Pyrnees nose drips constantly. His breath is very stinky and is drooling more than usual. Pulling coat out My great pyrenees keeps pulling hair from his butt, and has labored breathing, but is letting better with labored breathing. I notice he has been loosing hair down to skin. Pyr and friend at playA Pyr needs love and attention on a daily basis. Kibble is a highly processed diet. Also I always comb & brush her now she jumps around and bites the …, Puppy and children Hi I just got a ten week old pyr he's adorable. Body odor smell Is it normal for this breed to have an odor about them that slightly resembles human body odor or dirty gym socks? Took him today for his first vet check and the …, Fights between siblings I got a male & a female Great Pyrenees puppies 3 weeks ago. There should be no discharge from eyes or nose, and a pup should stand up on strong legs and good feet. Feared? She is brindle..beautiful and very big at 8 weeks old. They bark more than most dogs since this is a tool of their trade. We also have a five months old male Great Pyrenees. Would this keep him from wanting to roam? fence jumping Can they jump a 4ft fence, or a fence that is made of iron? they have been inside since birth other than short trips outside. I know they love cold weather but is there a temperature that is too cold for them to be outside in? Super dog but today I found some pebbles in his stool. He loves walks and car rides and is the most gentle, well trained …, Aggressive Behavior  Two months ago, I fostered and then adopted a very loyal 65 lb. 4 year old py bathroom trainiv I just got a four year old and cannot get her to poop in our yard she wants to go to the woods when we do we pick ten to twelve ticks of of her and on …, How to get a shiny Pyr Coat? When she is in the living room she will attack my pit mix female upon entering …, Shedding,traing and extra toes I have a beautiful, giant, loving, goofy dog. Heavy panting My male pyrador 7 month old puppy, seems to pant heavily. Mountain Dogs and are meeting people who are familiar or unfamiliar with ADN-31573 The outside layer has long, do them. I have Collies & I live in Florida. We have terrible deer, elk and moose …, dew claws We purchased a 3 month old puppy that looks very much like a Great Pyr, were told she was from Great Pyr parents. Why? The Great Pyrenees puppies we just got are 2 months old in the barn with the goat. Also i want to know about how much one would cost? children as well as the new pup. He is now7 months old and the teething seems …. He loves the …, Diet and Shyness - Puppies I just love my new baby Marley and Massie I think they are about 10 weeks old I rescued them they had been running loose with there mom on an old back …, Coat Loss - 5 year old Pyr Please can anyone help. that was raised with two older Goldens. Walk about Is it normal for my anatolian pureneea to go on a walk about for multiple weeks? Brother and sister. Does anybody else have experience with this? 12. My GP has started snapping at people. Great Pyrenees male for sale redheadedmother1942. great pyrenees in Florida at AmericanListed.com – Classifieds across Florida. would exercise in evening and outside in fenced in yard during the day . He was doing amazingly well with potty training and playing fetch and working …, Guardianship Traits  What is the link between guardianship and separation anxiety? Three of the pups only have 1 dewclaw. Neutered Pyrs are easier to manage as pets, will make a happier and healthier pet, and will probably live longer. Hi guys. What went wrong? He weighs 122 lbs.. Premium. Just need all …, Power struggle with my 10 mo. Great Pyrenees Size. "Click here to view Great Pyrenees Dogs in Florida for adoption. His nose has always had some pink areas but now it seems like it is almost all pink w/just black edge. Coat - residue whenever my great Pyrenees brush up against me, or when I pet him there is white residue on my hand and pants. Dew claws - trimming How can I trim his claw? The XXL E/Z Collapsible K9 Crate from American Aluminum …, Fur Coats We have a Great Pyrenees female that turned five months old October 4, 2014. Can two females work together? Our positive trainer suggested slowly acclimating her to movement outside keeping …, Companion Dog What dog breed would be good with a female Great Pyrenees? The bitch, unless spayed will come into season every six months, the first season is usually around a year of age. While with routine grooming they are not much different than any other breed, they do shed and there are white hairs in Pyr homes and on Pyr people. Limping We have 3 pyrenees/hound mix pups. Hello. I need guidance We rescued a Pyr. I've posted my story of Brutus a couple of time on …, Why does Mr. Pyr roll over on his back? A picture's worth a thousand words.4) Review the site before asking questions such as "How big do they get?" Help - I need motivation for Great Pyr I am on my second trainer for my 2.5year old Great Pyr. He is, truly, a gentle giant. Pyrenees interactions with small dogs What are some suggested ways to keep my Pyrenees from playing rough with my 2 10lb Maltese? Even when …. Chewing My 1 yr old Pyrenees is a super chewer and finding toys is a challenge but we cope. Raw prey diet What would a raw prey diet need to mainly consist of as far as the main protein? Then it goes away. I have noticed that a lot of the Pyr pups for sale are crossed …, Outside dogs? It's been raining for days and we have two …. The female is fixed. When it comes to feeding time he does not eat much. Shedding It's December 12th and Buddy is beginning to shed fur like it's May . Raw food??? Sorry for the error. Does anyone know where I can get another one? We will have fowl, …, Guarding Instinct and Attacking  Does the G.P. After his last grooming appointment a few weeks ago I noticed that he looked like he lost …, Picky Eater! I am a special education teacher and do a lot of volunteer work with children with special needs. I'm told if a puppy is raised with a cat they do well. What's up with our GP paw? I'm told if a puppy is raised with a cat TV hey do well. When we first got her she was very clingy to us, and followed us around the house. She is only 8 weeks old and i know i will eventually have to have her spayed. How to keep GP from crossing in front of you while walking I realize my GP wants to herd me but I just failed our pet therapy test because he once again crossed in front of me to say hello to neutral dog. For example, in previous breeds, teaching a dog to sit can easily be coaxed by lightly …, Agression or normal Pyr behavior Hi, We rescued our Pyr when she was approx 4-5 months old from a high kill shelter. I am thinking of fostering an approx. New member of the family. I was thinking of Science Diet …, Feeding a Pyrenees I have had a Great Pyrenees, purebred, and now have two Pyrenees mixes which I rescued. …, Jumping My pyrenees st bernard mix jumps on us all ths time. He barks at dogs when I walk him. The American Eskimo …, Housebreaking We have an eleven month old Great Pyrenees golden retriever mix (mostly pyr) we have been trying to crate train him but he continues to do his business …. Great Pyrenees mix Anatolian shepherd  We just lost our male Great Pyrenees mix Anatolian shepherd. Does dog hair around the house bother you? What do we do? When he was 17 months old we had 8 goats. We had bowl of …. Sideways Why does my GP stand in front of me sideways? She is barely 8 weeks old. My dog seems to have shorter hair then the pictures I've seen, not sure if its just because he is young, or what. …. It takes approximately 30 minutes. 11. She is very aggressive …, Hypothyroidism  Hello - our dog started sitting and lying down frequently during walks. He was stealing dog bowls and shoes to name a few. She is growling and …, Inside or outside? Polar is 4 1/2 yrs old is it too late to socialize him? She drinks when she gets home. …, A few questions  Thank you for answering my past questions. Living with a Great Pyrenees in an apartment will be hard. What is the cause? All content copyright protected 2005 - 2020 I feel like I drag him to go for walk, drag him to eat dinner, …, Walking a pair of Pyrs together?