See 1 Previous . 6 years ago. What do you do when you need the tough durability of a poly, but you want the beautiful antiquing and soft sheen of a wax? So far I have darkened the birch with iron acetate and applied one coat of polyurethane to the panels. Sonya Barker says. It can be applied with a paint or foam brush. Glazing Over Paint. Mix 3 parts glaze to 1 part paint then working in small sections brush it on then quickly wipe it off with a cloth leaving more in the deep areas and around the edges. Reply. American Paint Company also carries a 16oz Clear Glaze, which allows you to add any paint color into the Glaze so you can custom color your Glaze with over … Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. I use equal parts of glazing medium and black paint. When doing so, I apply 2-3 coats of clear wax then the antiquing wax to better control the application of the antiquing. Antiquing is the technique of glazing a base finish to simulate age or create an interesting color effect. This does not take the place of the epoxy seal coat as that is still necessary. 4 Jan. Well first, polyurethane protects your paint and makes it last a whole lot longer. I’m excited to have one accomplished already! Adding glaze or toner to a project is a decent way to alter the color of your finish if you don't mind obscuring your wood grain or a bit of challenge in application. But it works really well mixed with a little paint as a glaze … Glazing over a Glossy paint, you can wipe the glaze ... Are you able to put polyurethane over the glaze? I always use water-based products, but just wanted to put that out there! Happy New Year! Then, I add just a few drops of water. Pinterest; Facebook; Twitter; Email; How to distress a cabinet using paint and stain. I want to paint my oak cabinets white. By using the proper technique and some patience, you can avoid those bubbles that pop up on wood surfaces. can you polycrylic over wax. Use a flat or rectangular brush so that you will be able to apply the glaze both over large areas and in the crevices of the piece. I love working with chalk paint and wax but still love the variety of effects you can get with glaze. Why do people use polyurethane over paint? 2 Comments « How to get the Look of Wood Grain with Paint. Yes! Glaze over Polyurethane (to darken finish) nickt. While it reminds me of that age-old question about the chicken and the egg, there is an actual answer and a few rules to the questions of wax over poly or poly over wax. You can choose a light-, medium- or dark-colored glaze, depending upon the base color. The same process is used for water based products as well. Give a ho-hum piece of furniture a timeless, antique-style transformation with a little bit of paint and glaze. Hi friends! 91. A cabinet distressed with paint and stain so as to be rustic and vintage-like. Both colors come in a large 16oz bottle, or a small 8oz bottle. You can see how many times I’ve been asked in this one post alone… and it’s a GREAT question! Over light colours, use sparingly so as not to over age your piece. Any help will be appreciated. Pros: Quick Drying Time. at . DIY. You can paint a Lampshade. Similarly, you may ask, can epoxy be put over polyurethane? On the top I wanted a little contrast so I used Minwax Polyshades in Espresso, the knobs were a little tricky, do you like my knob tree? * Scuff sand the lacquer with 320 and follow with maroon Scotchbrite to remove the scratches. You will paint the epoxy on your surface just as you paint on a wall. For the next step you have a couple of options. If you only want a small amount of glaze to remain on the wood after wiping it off, then before adding the glaze, add a clear coat of water-based polyurethane. You can apply gel stain over stained, unfinished wood, though, to deepen the color. Put a small amount of the floating medium and the burnt umber paint on your palette. Limewash Glaze Over Stain. Now I think the Faux Glaze is really meant for all those crazy faux finishes that people used to put on their walls like marble and ragging, etc. 90. As long as the coat of glaze is verrrrrry dry. Burnt umber is usually the choice for antiquing but you can use any color. Glaze is not difficult to use, but you have to work very quickly and in small areas. I am building a custom shelving/hanging system for a walk-in closet. You can even use gel stain as a glaze on finished wood to provide shading and antiquing effects. How to Apply It. Once you brush on the glaze, you wipe back the excess using a lint-free cloth. How To: Glaze Kitchen Cabinets If your kitchen cabinets are in need of a refresh, pick glaze over paint or stain alone this time to try out a trendy vintage-inspired finish. Lowes. Can you put polycrylic over chalk ... What do you do when you need the tough durability of a poly but you want the beautiful antiquing and soft sheen of a wax. Just remember that there are no “mistakes,” only opportunities to learn and master new techniques! Hi friends! In fact, most commercial furniture finishes are colored in layers. Polycrylic. Lately, one of the most frequent questions I'm getting is whether to apply poly over wax or wax over poly? I have used general finishes high performance satin and flat over general. It is applied with a brush or is sprayed on, and has many of the same properties as oil-based polyurethane. Reply. So to add depth to the finish, I applied General Finishes Pitch Black glaze over the gray. The polyurethane will cover that and allow the epoxy to stick. Fusion offers both an already-tinted Antiquing Glaze, as well as a Clear Glaze. Latex glazes are very versatile and can be used in numerous faux finishing applications including antiquing, rag-rolling, color washing and combing. August 30, 2017 by Denise - 134 Comments. It does this by serving as a highly resistant barrier which protects your paint from rain, dirt, mud, fungus, and mold. From: Emily Fazio Photo by: Emily Fazio ©2015 Emily Fazio, 2015. As a furniture painter, I’m constantly asked the question of whether you can apply wax over polyurethane or polyurethane over wax. You can either use Black to darken your painted piece, or Brown to give it the stained look. Staining wood is not the only way to add color to a finish. It is an old wooden framework that has great deals of wonderful gesso describing. It all depends on which coating system you plan on using. To mix them, load your brush with the medium and then pick up some of the paint. Can yellow over time; May need multiple coats; Could leave streaks or bubbles; Long dry/cure time; Get a smooth polyurethane finish with these tips. November 2, 2018 at 12:09 am. I recently painted some kitchen cabinets with chalk paint. 'Antique' painted table using stain over paint Email This BlogThis! Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. I originally painted this 1960's vintage table from my local thrift store blue with a white drawer. If you’re working over an existing finish, make sure the glaze is compatible. She's been on the blog before looking quite a bit different. A glaze comes in a liquid form and can be applied easily with either brush or a cloth. Work the brush back and forth on the palette to work the glaze and color into the brush. Water-based or Oil-Based applications. The results, beautiful! I'm refinishing a high traffic piece with chalk paint and plan to use polyurethane instead of wax for better protection. I am using birch plywood for the panels and birch hardwood for the facings and structural elements. A clean, slick and shiny bar top is a beauty to behold in any space. 3 / 6. 1 answer 117135. on Apr 22, 2015. I don’t want all my hard work to get ruined. Tip. The Valspar Cabinet Paint laid down great, I was very happy with the results. Where you might run into problems is if you apply a clear lacquer over an oil based paint. Make sure that you use water-based polyurethane over water-based glazes and oil-based over oil glazes for consistency. If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen this picture. I am building a shuffleboard, attempting to use hardwood plywood for the surface as a cheaper alternative to maple. Bethany Sy says. May 20, 2020 at 6:42 pm. Antiquing consists of a glaze applied over a base finish; the first step is applying an enamel base coat to the wood. Polyurethane Vs. Super Glaze Epoxy? Yes totally! You can also apply a glaze over an oil based paint, and yes, you can apply a clear oil based varnish over the glaze that's been applied over the oil based paint. Takeelah says. If stripping isn't an option, here's a technique you can try on the back of a door and see what the customer thinks. Application: Apply sparingly with a quality brush of your choice and then wipe back with lint free cloth to achieve desired effect. Can Glaze be used as a topcoat? You can also apply a glaze over an oil based paint, and yes, you can apply a clear oil based varnish over the glaze that’s been applied over the oil based paint. You will be surprised at how simple antiquing can be. Polyurethane is a harder finish than Polycrylic. Cons: Watch for Bubbles or Paint Strokes. Personally, I like using a brush because I find it less messy. Thanks . One usually uses a clear coat over their chalk paint if they want the wax to have a subtle look. When I attempted to put polycrylic over the glaze that has been curing for a week, it reactivated and came off with the brush. You will nedd to sand down the cabinets before painting to get rid of the high gloss protection. It all depends on which coating system you plan on using. Epoxy coating will give the … Polyurethane. If you're sealing a large area, you might use a paint roller. Design Rooms Bathroom ... How to Put Epoxy on a Polyurethane Table By Kimberley McGee Updated March 30, 2018. I have used rustoleum antiquing glaze in java over latex paint and love the results. Can you put polyurethane over chalk paint though the paint is a bit thicker than latex then it does not necessarily cover 1 jacket. Can you put glaze over oil based paint? Nina says. The finished product, all reassembled: I really enjoyed using Valspar� Creates a more durable finish then Polycrylic. Poly over Wax OR Wax over Poly? Hoping all of you had a wonderful holiday and are diving into some DIY projects of your own! How to Use Valspar Antiquing Glaze – Today I am servicing a great easy Do It Yourself task so I assumed I would certainly share it and also show you how easy it is to apply antiquing glaze to any kind of product. There are a few ways to antique glaze furniture, but there is an easy way to do it using Behr’s Faux Glaze. Due to their nature, latex glazes can be customized to suit your needs. My question is can I use a glaze over semi-gloss paint? Paint Technique: Antiquing Furniture. Reply. It can come with a Satin or Gloss Finish. Many find it easier to use than traditional polyurethane. I have been loosely following some instructions I found online; at this point it calls for 8-10 coats of Minwax Polycrilic to finish off the table, including a final coat of spray polyurethane to achieve the most uniform finish possible. Lately, one of the most frequent questions I’m getting is whether to apply poly over wax or wax over poly? What do you do when you need the tough durability of a poly, but you want the beautiful antiquing and soft sheen of a wax? Poly vs. Wax. * Wipe a burnt umber or Van Dyke brown glaze over the surface, leaving a thin layer of color (a little extra in the recesses if you want). Polycrylic typically refers to a water-based version of polyurethane. The epoxy seal coat will not stick to an oil based stain or oil based paint. Always do a sample to ensure desired results prior to full application. Depending on what type of paint you are going to paint with, you may need to prime the cabinets with a gripper primer. If this table looks familiar, there's a good reason why. » Comments. Can you put polyurethane over paint? I typically use clear and antiquing wax. I am showing you in a terrific frame that I discovered at my regional flea market for only $7. Supplies & The Recipe . I have never sealed glaze and it has never came off, even when I clean with a degreaser. The first step is to mix your antique glaze solution. I did put a third coat on the drawers, it was a bit thin in some areas probable due to the user not the paint. Helpful. How to Use an Antiquing Glaze.