Related Worksheets . Exclamatory sentences are ways to share strong feelings such as excitement. An exclamatory sentence expresses heightened emotion such as excitement, surprise, anger, or joy. Noun: 1. exclamation - an abrupt excited utterance; "she gave an exclamation of delight"; "there was much exclaiming over it" An abrupt, forceful utterance: an exclamation of delight. Sentences of one type are changed to another type keeping the meaning of the sentence intact. Transformation of an exclamatory sentence into an assertive sentence. The exclamatory sentence always ends with an exclamation point. 100 Exclamatory Sentence Example, Definition and Sentences Exclamatory Sentences Emotions are the most sui generis quality of human beings. Examples and definition of a Declarative Sentence. Rules : Rule 1 : Conversion of Exclamatory sentences into Assertive Sentences & Vice versa. 4. An exclamation point is placed at the end of such sentences. It is used to express a strong surprise of emotion and always ends with an exclamation mark. There are such sentences in the English language. Here are a couple of examples of how the basic order of words in such sentences might look: What (+ adjective) + noun + subject + verb; at the end or in the middle of the sentence. Interrogative sentence, and; Exclamatory sentence; Declarative sentence: An assertive sentence (declarative sentence) simply expresses an opinion/feeling, or makes a statement, or describes things. Exclamatory Sentences are the sentences those express a strong emotion, which could be anger, joy, sorrow, excitement, surprise etc. Declarative Sentence Example and Meaning Table of Contents Declarative Sentence ExampleWhat is a Declarative Sentence?Basic Form of Declarative SentenceComplex Form of Declarative SentenceInterrogative sentencesImperative sentencesExclamatory sentences Declarative Sentence Example While trying to learn the English language, you may encounter many situations where you … In order to change an exclamatory sentence into the assertive without changing its meaning, we have to add words like very, indeed, truly, great, and so on, to the sentence. Use ‘what a/an’ before an adjective + noun. Important note: Do not confuse imperative sentences with exclamatory sentences. Imperative sentence grade-1. This kind of sentence must have a note of exclamation (!) Exclamatory sentence synonyms, Exclamatory sentence pronunciation, Exclamatory sentence translation, English dictionary definition of Exclamatory sentence. Tell the students that today they're going to learn about sentences that end with an exclamation mark(! New York is a very big city. Exclamatory definition, using, containing, or expressing exclamation: an exclamatory sentence. ... difference is that there’s always a command in the imperative sentence whereas there never will be a command in the exclamatory sentence. The most common way of defining exclamatory sentences is by function (purpose). What a surprise! A declarative sentence has a neutral tone, meaning it ends with a period mark “.” A few examples of declarative sentences: I live at 24, East street. A declarative sentence is a sentence that makes a statement – in other words, it declares something. They are usually just like declarative sentences in form and function, just with more emotion. Exclamatory sentence is a sentence that conveys strong emotions, like sorrow, astonishment, delight, despair, fear, scorn, disgust, excitement, anger, surprise, or happiness. Use ‘how’ before an adjective without a noun. The exclamation words used in the exclamation sentences to show sudden changing emotions and thoughts. That is a huge whale! Grammar An … Exclamatory Sentence An exclamatory sentence conveys a strong emotion and ends with an exclamation mark (!). ‘Playful punkety rocker Atom and His Package wrote in with exclamatory praise and a promise to send submissions of his own visual art.’ ‘Great men have great idiosyncrasies, and the stubbornness with which Wolfe reproduces his exclamatory voice after it has been mimicked so many times makes it appear less a fault than a flourish.’ Exclamatory sentence. 1. Exclamatory Sentences . Very strong emotions are of course followed by an exclamation mark. We don't show any end punctuation in sentence diagrams. In function, however, they're all exclamatory. Match Sentences grade-2. 2. The sentence which expresses a sudden and intense excitement, disgust, admiration, shock, or sorrow, etc. Of the four kinds of sentences (declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory), it is by far the most common. In other words, it declares something. Before an abstract noun or a plural noun, use what without a. Exclamatory definition: using, containing, or relating to exclamations | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples See more. It expresses strong emotion. Usually, an exclamatory sentence is punctuated with an exclamation point or exclamation mark. That means it needs to have a subject and a simple predicate (a verb). This type of sentence ends with a period (i.e., a full-stop). The first sentence is declarative in form, the second is imperative in form, and the last one is interrogative in form. Exclamatory Sentences . While speaking we can express such emotions via suitable intonations. Exclamatory sentence grade-1. However, the end punctuation differs. ), known as exclamatory sentences. This kind of sentence is used to share information – for instance, stating your point of view or a fact. Exclamatory is a sentence which expresses strong/sudden feeling or emotion like surprise, pain, delight, anger, disgust etc. Exclamative sentences are one of the four sentence types (declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamative).. Exclamative sentences make exclamations.They express strong feelings or opinion in … In other words, the main difference between an animal and a human is to sense of feelings. An exclamation point is placed at the end of such sentences. If the sentence is shouted with extreme emotion, it is an exclamatory sentence. An outcry, as of protest. Use what a before a singular noun. Examples: I want to be a good cricketer. Exclamatory Sentences a. It could be fear, anger, anxiety, admiration, excitement etc. 2. is called an exclamatory sentence. Depending upon the sentence’s mood, the sentence is followed by an exclamation mark or a period. Change the following declarative sentences into exclamatory sentences. Sometimes we need to express our thoughts or feelings by shouting or crying. 3. Tell students that when the exclamation mark is used as an end of the sentence punctuation, the sentence involved is called an exclamatory sentence, meaning that strong emotion is expressed. Because we feel that way. For example : What a happy day this is! (!) n. 1. Here are some tips for constructing exclamatory sentences. You can change it into an exclamatory sentence using a structure with what or how. Notes: A declarative sentence merely makes a statement. In order to change an exclamatory sentence into the assertive without changing its meaning, we have to remove the exclamation mark. Also called an exclamatory interrogative or an emotional question. Make sentences grade-2. We can transform the form of a sentence without changing its meaning. Use what a before a singular noun. 3. Exclamative Sentence (exclamation) Oh Granny, what big teeth you have!Little Red Riding Hood. The last of the four sentence types is the exclamatory sentence. - English Grammar (ইংরেজি ব্যাকরণ) ... Exclamatory Sentence; 2. An exclamatory sentence is a sentence that expresses extreme emotion such as surprise, excitement, fear or anger. For examples: I am angry! In English grammar, an exclamatory question is an interrogative sentence that has the meaning and force of an exclamatory statement (for instance, "Isn't she a big girl!"). An exclamatory sentence makes a statement that conveys strong emotion, surprise, pain or excitement. A sentence is a word or group of words that must expresses a complete idea or sense or meaning and that may consists of a subject and a verb. Punctuation grade-1. But one can also make exclamatory questions, or exclamations that are not full sentences; here are a few: What is an Exclamatory Sentence? 3. An exclamatory sentence, or exclamation, is a more forceful version of a declarative sentence.In other words, an exclamatory sentence makes a statement (just like a declarative sentence), but it also conveys excitement or emotion. An exclamatory sentence makes a statement that conveys strong emotion or excitement.