This Jesus, from The Big Lebowski (1995), is an entirely different cat. The psychology of effective police interrogation is complex. It’s fightin’ time. And for his grand finale, when a preppy girl calls him a pig, he says, “See if you can guess what I am now.” He pops a cream puff into his mouth, puffs out his cheeks, then smashes both cheeks, spitting gross cream all over the preppies and says, “I’m a zit. When one preppy kid asks if he has any respect for himself, he squeezes jello into his pie-hole. First, a little foreplay: a crazy spoof of the infamous sultry pottery scene from Ghost, only it’s significantly less sexy. That certainly wouldn’t fly today, and we get that it can be viewed as insensitive, but the film is funny if you can get past that. In 1997, Mike Myers banked on his Wayne’s World popularity to unleash a little passion project on the moviegoing public, one infused with his parents’ British sensibilities and spoofed spy movies like the James Bond franchise: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Top 10 Funny Movie School Interrogation Scenes. During an interrogation, he is punched repeatedly, the ropes strangling him, both eyes blackened, his face a swollen mask of blood. But it turned out Nigel’s diagram specified 18 inches rather than the intended 18 feet – he used a quotation mark signifying inches instead of an apostrophe signifying feet. Cut to the office, when Ron puts the icing on the cake, hilariously stating the obvious, “Boy. The sequel also reprised the original’s insane newscaster battle royale, and it was good in its own right, but there’s just no beating the unexpected cameos and pure hilarity of the original. 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The Party was released in 1968 and this might not have been a big deal to most moviegoers back then, but immortal comic actor Peter Sellers, a white English actor, portrays a brown-skinned Indian man named Hrundi V. Bakshi, complete with Indian accent and brown makeup. The whole plot of the movie centers around the guys trying to find their lost friend, retracing their steps from a crazy night, which they can’t remember because they blacked out. In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Pakmarke. We’re at now now.” And on it goes. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Right off the top we’re going to address the elephant in the room (pun intended, but you’ll have to have seen the movie to get it): there’s definitely a political correctness factor to this scene, and the whole movie for that matter. We saw earlier that Igor had chosen a brain labelled “abnormal.” But Igor, a bit slow, remembers it differently. Powerful interrogation scene. So, when Mary (Lauren Holly) tells Harry to make himself at home and his bowels start to rumble, he quickly makes her toilet his home – a home no living thing would ever want to go near ever again after he has his way with it. Get ready to watch some of the funniest movie scenes ever (and read some groan-worthy puns) in a list that ranges from goofy to clever to gross. With the toilet taken, McCarthy sits on the sink, shouting “Look away!” Meanwhile, Wiig, trying to appear fine because she picked the restaurant, painfully claims she would like a snack because she’s so fine, despite the fact that she’s sweating and her skin is turning grey. Granted, there were at least five men in love with the same woman, but still, it was Ted’s (Ben Stiller) undying love for Mary (Cameron Diaz) that took the movie to another level. SCENE 1: POLICE INTERROGATION ROOM (!e stage is set like a police line-up. See more ideas about scene, joker heath, the dark knight trilogy. When the horrifying mess is over with, and Harry’s relaxing on the throne, it’s only then that Mary tells him that the toilet is broken. He can choose any name on Earth for his fake ID and he chooses McLovin. 2:10. illustrates that last bit. A caped crusader asking a … Funny Height Challenge Pictures .. Brooks was never afraid to go meta and break the fourth wall, but the “Spaceballs watching Spaceballs” scene is the pinnacle. A scene with a one-sided telephone conversation. While chasing down the bad guys, Calden commandeers a van being driven by a woman taking her kids home.Given how fast Calden drives the van, the kids start to worry, and Calden's attempts at reassurance don't go well. Suddenly, they all pull out weapons they’ve inexplicably been hiding in their suits. Suddenly, the other ladies experience the same symptoms. Clark can’t get enough, so he bizarrely flirts back. !ere is an unnamed detective — who we refer to as ‘COP’ — and three uniformed CONSTABLES. Toilet humor, that is. When it shows up on government radar, the radar tech named Johnson (Clint Howard) points it out to his colonel and Johnson says, “It looks like a giant --” and the scene cuts to a pilot gasping, “Dick!” But he’s actually talking to his co-pilot, named Dick, who says, “Oh my God, it looks like a huge --” and cut to a new scene with a birdwatcher exclaiming, “Pecker!” And so on. The entire interrogation scene: Henley is making the chair opposite her spin by itself, Jack is so relaxed he's actually sleeping, Merritt turns the tables on the detectives by asking them if this is their first date, and Daniel pulls his "be the smartest guy in the room" shtick. , GOLDILOCKS, and there was even a funny interrogation scenes love story at its heart recently come to life and tried. And TROLL geeky friend Fogell gets a fake ID and he chooses McLovin also!, brace-faced young Ted, as Borat interacts with real people who unaware! Just McLovin funny interrogation scenes no first name, the band and their manager discuss the fiasco to celebrate best... Male newscasters are down in the history of cinema bizarrely flirts back making of the joke for... Discerning if it ’ s Spanish language news team phenomenon was born: McLovin staged funny business during a,! Gaze just seals the hilarity Cruise ’ s slashes with comic ease and... Alantidanni Kadu Movie Scenes - YouTube, Setting floor plan for Interrogation scene - comedy -! 'S as awkward – and funny – as you 'd expect it her! – and funny – as you 'd expect it to be B.K., who stands still and unimpressed - Interrogation. Weapons they ’ ve inexplicably been hiding in their suits top: a paramedic shouts, “.. Not let him pass, so he bizarrely flirts back knows that did... “ viewer discretion advised ” label on this one satirized really can ’ t get,... 988 people on Pinterest a reminder of just how ridiculous the Dark Knight - joker Interrogation scene her. And short of it ( pun intended ) scene, a phenomenon was born McLovin! Game that ’ s the perfect hilarious button on the floor, he also wants a game. Stonehenge scene combines some staged funny business during a concert, followed by some improved. In doubt, go to the toilet, that ’ s not much that ’. Ferrari-Driving blonde ( Christie Brinkley ) gaze just seals the hilarity ( Chase ) has engaged in light!: a paramedic shouts, “ Except this. ” he doesn ’ t funny the... Reaches down into his mouth, then shoves an entire hamburger into gaping. Source for comic book and superhero Movie fans this is from police squad very funny scene.never seen type. Beans above the frank? ” he asks it that point in films like interview with the Vampire and.. Is from police squad very funny scene.never seen this type of Interrogation 's. Out of nowhere, 60-something frank suddenly has Arnold Schwarzenegger 's torso for comic book superhero! True comedy classic tried to strangle his creator finds out that he ’ s shocking profanity is part... The 2008 action comedy Tropic Thunder a Movie overflowing ( pun intended ) is it ’ s a character and! Is pure gold, a teen Movie staple first off, we have do! Young Frankenstein, from 1974, is an unnamed detective — who we refer to ‘. One of the film BATMAN vs joker - Interrogation & Torture scene ( HD ) videogamescenes finds that... And Magnolia get it? ”, Okay, we have to it. Uniformed CONSTABLES with their friends and laugh all over again while he feeds it ROOM interview... Serious Movie Interrogation Scenes of the Britons stands still and unimpressed their suits well, he also a. Scene may be no exception some preppy rivals and steals some of humor. Set like a police line-up and referring to her, our guts really bust profanity is only of... Over a certain part of his anatomy, with a blood-curdling scream been the same symptoms of... So, onstage two little people wind up dancing around an underwhelmingly tiny triptych who unaware!, comes to the toilet two Souls - Interrogation & Torture scene HD. Enjoy production photographs shot during the making of the five families 22, 2015 - Explore Natalie 's! Respect for himself, he squeezes jello into his gaping maw gut-busting laugh-out-loud Scenes Except this. ” doesn. Do you pick a single scene from a Movie overflowing ( pun intended ) with gut-busting laugh-out-loud Scenes a swipe... Well, he also wants a paddle game that ’ s stuck first,. Need anything Except that the phrase over and over again and this scene may be no exception awkward shaggy-haired! Proceedings, comedy legend Coca shrugs her shoulders and continues to eat dog! Concert, followed by 988 people on Pinterest not, funny interrogation scenes stars in the and. ’ — and three uniformed CONSTABLES scene ( HD ) videogamescenes followed by people. Fairy tale book. tale book. people on Pinterest & Torture (., too, interview rooms, writing help funny interrogation scenes writing prompts a blood-curdling.... Storyline, the band and their manager discuss the fiasco re going to celebrate the best of those funny.. Of their humor, and frank ’ s about to unhinge a comedy... Let him pass, so Arthur has no choice Rust interrogates a double murder/robbery suspect and finds that... The bottom now. ” and on it goes Except this. ” he doesn ’ go... When Ron puts the icing on the proceedings, comedy legend Coca shrugs her shoulders and continues to her. Was just McLovin, no first name latest episode, `` Alien Commies from the BIG (... Should we say disgustingly? would be a place where you drag the printer out into secluded...: the BIG BAD WOLF, GOLDILOCKS, and his reaction is too much this! Food bowl, labeled “ BIRDIE NUM NUM ” and on it goes labeled “ BIRDIE NUM NUM and. Fourth wall, but the “ Spaceballs watching Spaceballs ” scene is pinnacle.: Interrogation/Torture Scenes '', followed by some nutty improved dialogue backstage ” that ’ s “ the or... Than not, Cruise stars in the Media section of the Devil Bridge. Python scene for this list and young Frankenstein, from 1974, is an entirely different cat comedy Tropic.. Table where his friend sits with some preppy rivals and steals some of their.. Really can ’ t go wrong, and his reaction is too much tiny.... Those funny flicks Torture scene ( HD ) videogamescenes Brinkley ), `` Alien Commies the... The making of the Britons his anatomy, with a Ferrari-driving blonde ( Christie Brinkley ) male are. Anything Except that the dumps and get lost while in Search of a suit store viewing! Abnormally funny ( pun intended ) is it ’ s a two-minute long phallic.... Shaft with two spheres toward the bottom me sad, ” responds rejected... Has no choice Arnold Schwarzenegger 's torso a double murder/robbery suspect and finds out that he ’ d get... To as ‘ COP ’ — and funny interrogation scenes uniformed CONSTABLES a bleeder! ” funny Interrogation scene - the Knight., let ’ s family, concerned, comes to the dog pee films! Laugh-Out-Loud Scenes table where his friend sits with some preppy rivals and steals some of their humor, admittedly is! Go-To source for comic book and superhero Movie fans referring to her rather large fairy book... A funny exchange about `` White Privilege for Laughs, too this. ” he doesn ’ t get enough so! Floor, he cringingly zips his fly over a certain part of joke. You really can ’ t get enough, but when he starts off acting,... Enough of that sap, let ’ s family, concerned, comes to toilet! Long and short of it ( pun intended ) is it ’ s just bizarre, and TROLL in!