Other reasons to not use your hazard lights include parking wherever you like, even if for a very short period of time – you will still get a ticket if a traffic warden spots you. It is illegal to use your hazard lights to try and avoid parking laws. Some countries recommend using hazard warning lights in bad weather or while driving slowly. One problem with hazard lights is the outdated flashing pattern they use, which hasn’t changed much since 1951. Use your hazard lights only when your car is stopped or in case of a breakdown. Operating your anti-theft or alcohol interlock device. If your hazard warning lights are left on while you are driving, any signalling with your indicators will … Hazard Warning Lights on the Move. Some drivers use the lights as indicators to keep other drivers out of their way when they are over speeding. When not to use your hazard lights. Hazard lights are switched on by pressing a button on your dashboard that has a symbol of a red triangle. If the weather is so bad that you cannot safely see while driving, pull over to a safe place till the storm passes. Should you or shouldn't you use your four-way hazard lights when driving in a winter storm? While this may be a good idea to indicate to other drivers behind you that you are slowing to a stop this is actually illegal in most states. The blinking amber lights are used to warn other drivers of danger or obstructions on the road, and the dashboard button is indicated with a triangle shape as shown above. Over half (53 percent) felt it was a benefit; the other 47 percent thought it created a hazard. Nunavut. When Should You Not Use Hazard Lights 1. For some people, hazard lights flashing is amazingly suitable for this. Viewer Charles Davidson asked KHOU to verify the proper use of vehicle hazard lights with DPS. You mustn't use hazard warning lights while moving, except to warn traffic behind when you slow suddenly on a motorway or unrestricted dual carriageway. The tunnels are so well lit and maintained, why on earth people consider it as a hazardous condition? Learn more about this topic at Manibela Academy. A Cleveland-area website got more than 500 responses to the question of whether or not to use hazard lights in bad weather. Driving with them on is distracting, and may also be illegal in your state. People use hazard lamps during rain, fog, and even when they are driving too slow or too fast on the highways. You also do not need to use hazard lights if you are being towed, unless on a motorway or dual carriageway. If you double park or stop in no stopping zone, hazard lights won’t stop you from getting a fine. Some people use hazard lights on when driving in rain. As different states have laws regulating when you should and shouldn’t use your hazard lights, their legal use will vary by state. Incidents. Using the hazard lights. Driving in Heavy Traffic. I did some research and found some ways that you should be using your hazard lights… A final word on your hazard warning lights. This article provides a handy list of state laws regarding the use of hazard lights. Many states say you must be pulled off the road in order to legally use them, while other states aren’t as strict. Don’t use your vehicle’s hazard lights when: You are driving in inclement weather. States are broken down into three categories: those who allow use while driving; those who prohibit use while driving When a driver switches on their hazard warning lights, all four indicators will start flashing intermittently to alert and warn other drivers that their vehicle is an obstruction. A driver might think it is OK to use the hazard warning lights when driving slowly looking for a building or street sign, but this simply renders any use of the indicators ineffective. Suffice to say, hazard lights flashing is interpreted by these people in ways they deem fit. When to use hazard lights They are to warn other roa d users that you are a temporary hazard. Driving with hazard lights on is a common activity, especially when we need to drive in the dark or to warn people. I've also seen new drivers turn it on when on the freeway. It would be the height of conceit and selfishness to think that improper use of hazard lights is a trivial matter, because it places your life - and that of other road users - at risk. Some drivers are even quick to turn on their hazard lights when parking illegally, but all it does is call attention to the fact that they’re being inconsiderate. Laws should clearly mention when not to use hazard lights. A common misconception is that you should use your hazard lights when you are driving down the road and you run into heavy traffic. Added on December 30, 2018 The News Wheel don't use hazard lights in inclement weather, don't use hazard lights to signal slow traffic, turn on your flashers, when not to use hazard lights… In this video, I tell you why you've probably been using your hazard lights wrong the whole time! Idaho: Hazard light use is not permitted while driving except to indicate the presence of a vehicular traffic hazard requiring unusual care in approaching, overtaking or passing. However, turning these lights on while driving is not only the threat for people in front and around you. Hazard Awareness. Indecision. You should not use them to warn other drivers if you parked illegally (you shouldn't be parking illegally). Generally you should not use hazard warning lights on a moving vehicle. They are tested as part of the annual MOT test and the car will fail if they are not present or are inoperative.. As the MOT inspection manual states: ‘Hazard warning lamps must operate using only one switch and with the engine or ignition switch in both the on and off positions.’ They shouldn't be used if you are driving in traffic. When to use your hazard lights: Conclusion. Keep your hazard warning lights in good condition. Do you need to turn on the hazard lights when you're driving in the rain to increase visibility? Whatever be the reason, the use of hazard lights inside the tunnel is a mockery of driving rules; is a derision of the actual use of hazard light and shouldn’t be practiced by the educated drivers. Road and Traffic Signs. Don’t use them as an excuse to park illegally. Hazard warning lights are an important safety feature and should be used if you've broken down and are causing an obstruction. Your headlights and taillights will suffice in bad weather. This is not permitted in the UK. You may also use them on motorways to warn traffic behind you of danger ahead. 3. For example, if you have broken down on the side of the road, or you are changing a tyre. When shouldn't you use hazard warning lights? Hazard lights are required to be activated when a driver parks a vehicle on a roadway during the period from 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise or at any other time when conditions of poor visibility exist; or when the vehicle is travelling at less than 40 km/h due to vehicle impairment. While some drivers may see hazard lights as a way of saying “I’ll be back in a tick”, the law disagrees. Many people even use hazard lamps while driving at night or entering a tunnel and many others use the feature while driving on the wrong side of the road. Hazard warning lights must be fitted to cars first used on or after 1 April 1986. Illinois: The use of hazard lights is not permitted while driving. When there is precipitation blurring road visibility and you turn on your hazard lights, other motorists may have a hard time determining which lane you are in or if you are changing lanes. Virginia: Hazard light use is not permitted while driving except for emergency vehicles, stopped or slowed vehicles to indicate a traffic hazard, when … Laurence September 12, 2018 at 3:20 pm. Most people see hazard lamps as a way of attracting attention to their vehicle. Motorway Rules. Reply. “It would be ironic if your use of hazard warning lights became the cause of a collision. NC drivers are permitted to use their hazard lights when driving. A school bus dropping off or picking up children (in which case the lights should operate automatically). If the purpose is to alert other cars that you're stopping or slowing down, then I think it's okay to use your hazard lights. As we said, your car comes with hazard lights for a reason, and they shouldn't be used indiscriminately or recklessly. Other Types of Vehicle. #ManibelaTV Manibela is a … Never use hazard warning lights to excuse dangerous or illegal parking. Hawaii: Hazard light use is not permitted while driving. Driving in hazardous weather conditions – this makes you more visible if you are driving slowly in fog, for example. Some turn their hazard lights on when it is raining hard or foggy, some use it when they have some mechanical/medical problem, etc. When should you use hazard warning lights? Author: Brandi Smith Published: 5:40 PM CDT May 22, 2017 Your hazard lights can be seen at all corners of your car - they’re the lights usually used as your indicators. Driving Theory Test. In other countries, drivers use hazard lights during overtaking and crossing over the intersection. It’s important to switch off your hazard lights when the need for them has passed. There's no law preventing it, and it's nowhere to be found in the NC DOT's Safety guidelines. The only time you should switch on hazard lights while you are driving along, is to warn others of a hazard ahead on a fast moving road such as a motorway. Legal or not, whether or not to use hazard lights while driving creates its own little storm. It makes driving for those behind more difficult as its unclear if there is a breakdown or …. It's a question the Island's police forces can't even agree on. Ginia Domingo (car industry executive) - The hazard lights, if left on, will disable you from using your turn signal lights, which I feel are more important for the cars behind you to see when driving during a storm.