OKAY, SO. You can develop a strong financial aptitude, and become quick savvy. The Vertex represents looking at life (the hard-line approach). Or maybe he liked my weird attention, but thought Id eat his heart and steal his dog (not unlikely), so he needed to create a very confusing moving boundary to keep me compelled without yielding, and, eventually, the ambiguity just got too stressful. FOR ME, ON MY CHART the themes of my Destiny process involve communication and a meeting of the minds (Vertex in Gemini ), and ascendency into power and intimacy (my eighth house). Below that, click the light gray hyperlink labelled Extended Settings and check to display aspects for "Vertex.. With the Vertex, the avatars will deliver a message (Mercury) or spotlight a virtue (Sun), dovetailing with what our Vertex describes were fated to develop (by sign, house, + other nearby planets). I show you a couple methods for tracking (or looking up) transits to your Vertex below (), and you can learn more about reading a transit chart over here. Id rather take crop the experience up to a fateful encounter just meant for me, thats it. (For me, Partner Bs ASC lands in my Eighth House.). AlicePortman.com, The Vertex Axis in Relationships. . WHAT SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT TRANSITS TO MY ANTI-VERTEX? , ALTERNATE VERSION > Visit + use the Cafe Astrology Vertex Calculator, just plug in your birth data. The Vertex is usually located in the 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th houses in your birth chart (the axis can be closer to your Imum Coeli and Midheaven if you were born in tropical latitudes). Because the Vertex must be activated, it doesnt reveal itself through our personality, though we might an have intuition, an instinct to develop the abilities symbolized by the planetary ruler of our Vertex sign. It can effectively manage feelings of restlessness, tiredness, difficulty concentrating, and feeling irritable. Its not enough to just be in the same zodiac sign (it must be close!). astrology). . REMEMBER FROM THE INTRO, until activated, everything described in your natal chart is just potential. Vertex and Anti-Vertex (VX, AVX) are fictional points that represent two intersections of the Ecliptic and the Prime vertical. We dont choose it, the moment chooses us, and, for better or worse, we all do really want to be chosen! These planets are part-in-parcel to their destiny process, as described by the sign and house placement on their chart. Both deal with the general concept of the Law of Attraction or drawing things to yourself from outside yourself. The Vertex is sometimes called a secondary descendant and usually influences fateful meetings, particularly significant breakups and first meetings. Progressions reveal how your natal chart changes over time. So, note any other exact aspects being formed by other planets, which you can spot by clicking the gray tab located over the chart display labelled Aspects Tables, which grids out all the aspects for you. . GENERALLY, when Chiron gets transited (and its not along our Chiron Cycle, when our specific soul-wound gets re-triggered ), the transit coincides with events promoting some kind of re-education about what we bring and might use to transform a situation, based on our personal wounding / healing experiences. Also, important meetings with destiny. In any case, you might as well keep top-of-mind any planet thats transiting your Vertex sign! You can learn to connect with the subtle energies all around us, and once you let go of spiritual, karmic, and emotional baggage, unlock an incredible connection to your intuitive self. Your Insightful March 2023 Numerology Forecast, Your Signs Weekly Tarotscope for March 6 12, 2023. ALSO, this is crucial not everyone wants or cares about synchronicity, about woo things that happen in coincidence with astronomical phenomena that might be interpreted via metaphor, analogy, and symbolism (a.k.a. , THUS, a Vertex activation delivers on its symbolic promise (to instigate a change in consciousness) as long as the charge it creates gets grounded into a situation that serves your ultimate ascent (as described by your Vertex placement). This can help you become a great idea generator. Do you notice any orange planets, angles, or points nearby? . (Do the same for the sign and degree of your Anti-Vertex too! The vertex is OTHER people's and life's contribution to your fate. The opposite point is the anti Vertex, which will always fall into the exact opposite house and sign. REMEMBER, beginner astrology is like Mad Libs, so play with keywords related to these symbols, and try to build a picture. HERES A SUMMARY OF WHAT ASPECTS TO YOUR VERTEX CAN MEAN. while the Anti-Vertex is considered a second Descendant. TO USE IT, plug in your birth data, and select any planet from the dropdown menu labelled Transit. here-toaskquestions 1 yr. ago In interpretation, the Descendant is more about relationships (since it's the 7th house cusp in quadrant house systems), while the Vertex is more about destiny or fate. VERTEX IN SAGITTARIUS > Destiny process themes include adventure, gaining full perspective, targeting for joy, and relationships based on pursuing and experiencing the miraculous. but ultimately, the destiny process itself is an inside job, something youll pack up and take with you when you go. The vertex question is to do with a synastry chart the sun at 17.28 Taurus in the second house square my vertex at 15.14 aquarius in my 8th house Then the same person has their vertex at 13.49 virgo in the 6th house squared my venus at 14.37 Sagittarius in my 6th house. This is very important. , (*Conjunctions and squares to our Vertex are felt most, the most promising for growth. WELP, it sounds like synastry contacts to the Anti-Vertex are almost like a shadow connection, the way that we tend to project planets in our Seventh House onto others. The real question: how to work with both in tandem? Eventually, our moment comes due, and our masquerade is not what compels its arrival. NOTE > The Outer Planets move hellllla slow, and may not ever transit your Vertex (OR Anti-Vertex) in this lifetime, but if they do, the situations will feel far bigger than you or any other single individual. With your astrology Vertex in Capricorn, this may show youre fated to become the one in charge. Planets very close-by our ASC (or even placed in our First House) can influence our phenotype: the tighter the orb to our ASC, the more dramatic the influence particularly in our eyes. If we allow it, if we are ready for it, the anti-Vertex contact can be more powerful than any other contact in the chart comparison. Click calculate, and the next page will list the calendar dates when the planet youve selected has aspected your Vertex! are basically stimuli, or engines. VERTEX IN PISCES > Destiny process themes include mystical healing, surrendering ego-fixations, and spiritual-based relationships. Discuss Natal Vertex In The 8th House In The Astrology Houses Forum. , BTW, THE VERTEX IS ALSO KNOWN AS THE WISH POINT > Some astrologers also refer the Vertex as the Wish Point, because Vertex transits are reported to come on the heels of actual wishes: for a new life, new love, new purpose. , WHAT ABOUT TRACKING TRANSITS TO THE VERTEX? March 2023 brings us the energy of the Universal Month 1, a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. Fateful encounters and destined moments. VERTEX IN LEO > Destiny process themes include play, validation, in finding a muse, unlocking creative potential, and relationships based on appreciation. With your astrology Vertex in Leo, this may show youre fated to become a shining light. You might walk around carrying the charge, but it needs and wants to be grounded. Think tax, debt or the joint account your ex still won't sign the paperwork to close. , VERTEX IN THE SIGNS > To augment my (amateur) summaries above, also check out this CafeAstrology summarizes the Vertex in the signs (as well as aspects to the Vertex from the planets), and compare to this one from Siddhantika! FOR THIS, were only locating and interpreting connections betwixt-between each others Vertex in a synastry chart, but the conditions of the Vertex in a composite chart* can also be insightful about a relationship. . , ALSO, for insight into the elements + modes (super helpful for building an intuitive picture of how the themes and experiences of your planets are interrelating), check out this AstroStyle article, and compare to this one from CafeAstrology on the same topic*! If anothers Saturn squares my Vertex, their planetary development will affect my spiritual development., TRINES TO THE VERTEX ARE SEXTILES TO THE ANTI-VERTEX > These planets help you ease towards your Vertex qualities, drawing from the Anti-Vertex qualities. , Likeno matter how much you invest into LOA, you might still have to wait out a specific transit, one activating a specific piece of your chart, in order for the destined circumstances to come into play, YAS the Vertex, a.k.a. Who were you with, what was the context? The vertex/anti-vertex by sign can signify the way we may experience activation to this axis. PERHAPS when the eclipse tripped my Vertex-Chiron (), it also struck the baristas Ascendant (), and my visual hallucination was some kind of projection or psychic insight into his own coinciding transits. The prime vertical is the circle passing east and west through the zenith and nadir of a location. VERTEX IN CAPRICORN > Destiny process themes include duty and overcoming, . It could be seen in the progressed chart as a transit to the progressed vertex, or it can be a progressed planet activating the natal vertex. Your mind can be an asset once you develop your talents and learn how to make use of your natural mental abilities. For example, if the Moon is in the eighth house of the Solar Return chart, joint finances may be an issue or a cause for concern. For more summary-descriptions of the Vertex in the signs, check out this article, compare to this one from Siddhantika, and also this one from CafeAstrology! The west spot is the Vertex while the east spot is the Anti-Vertex. VERTEX IN ARIES > Destiny process themes includes originality, first hand experience, taking the lead, and rivalry. Others can look up to you. This means that the people they were partnering with had roughly the same degree and sign of the Sun. but, I know, youd have to just be the kind of person who documents such things. *only me, because the eclipse activated MY Vertex-Chiron (he had no correlating activation ). We're Talking About With A Vertex In The 8th House, An Important Transit Can Br. VERTEX IN TAURUS > Destiny process themes include the acquisition of beauty, splendor, and comfort, and relationships that cultivate value and artistry. Remember, the sign of your Vertex indicates the theme, and draws in themes from the opposite sign (where the Anti-Vertex sits). His ASCENDENT (identity threshold) conjunct my CHIRON (soul-wound) conjunct my VERTEX (destiny) in GEMINI (connection). With the exception of one whose birth time is uncertain, each of these people were meeting more than one significant other whose Sun was conjunct their natal Vertex. UPDATE: I DID THE CHARTS, IT CHECKS OUT, WTF FOREVER!! Changes with regards to a partner's finances may affect the native seriously. Our personality is not a factor in the process, though our personalities can develop and change with the activation. , AND THE SAME FOR YOU, if you happen to have Chiron aspecting your Vertex! Your progressed chart can also trigger with progressed planets or house cusps conjunct your natal Vertex, or with your progressed Vertex conjunct one of your natal planets. When Capricorn is in the 2nd House, it means that wealth and financial success might be something you take seriously and work towards. THE VERTEX CAN ONLY BE FOUND ON TBE FATE HALF OF YOUR CHART > Because it pertains to fated encounters and situations, the Vertex is only found in the Fifth-Eighth Houses or right-hand side of our chart (full instructions for finding yours below ). On the next page, youll see a display showing where all the eclipses in a 5-year timeframe had struck your chart! against what you are developing. Its opposite point is called the Anti-Vertex. The placement of Pluto in another person's 2nd house indicates the Pluto person influences the 2nd house person's realm of finances, security, and self-worth. Look to the right half of the chart, in your Fifth - Eighth Houses, for the letters VERTE (its missing the x for some reason'). When activated by transits or synastry, depending on the planet making the contact, our Vertex indicates the theme (zodiac sign) and experiences (house) of fateful encounters and destined feeling moments. Click the blue rectangle labelled calculate chart. How did those impressions evolve over time, and due to what circumstances or events? NEXT, locate the Ascendants. Whichever Outer Planet is transiting your Vertex, just note that this drawn-out experience will bring perhaps cruel-bizarre synchronicities, and that the experience itself is informing your destiny process! FINALLY, locate the Destiny Points, which will be labelled as Vx, for Vertex. Might present opportunity to size up your potential, or gauge where your higher self potential actually lies, or the flimsiness of your vision for it. The Anti-Vertex is exactly opposite the Vertex. People with this position in their birth chart are all about security and feeling safe in the materialistic side, but they should as well realize everything in life is dual and not focus that much on their pragmatism. which was officially the first moment Id ever been completely self-aware of an astrological phenomenon as it was cresting upon my consciousness , though it made me want to ugly-cry from confused humiliation, and then I went twice through the Sbux drive-thru in one day, now you know literally everything. Itll be a much bigger deal when its transit Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto conjunct your Vertex or Anti-Vertex. When activated by transit, progressions, or synastry, the Vertex coincides with major turning points. . This might even explain how one person can feel as though the other person contributes something meaningful to their life, even if the relationship itself is not very easy, or doesnt have a purpose or function outside of this contribution. Pop quotes, summaries, and links into a Google Doc, or Pin to your astrology boards, or wherever you like to hold and sift through mind-exploding psycho-spiritual personal data. Read next: What is Your Descendant in Astrology? While you're fated to develop the sign of the Vertex, help from your Anti-Vertex is just beginning to develop giving you little help from previous development. If you share Vertex connections with someone else, it only indicates that youre co-engineering your destinies, or, at the very least, influencing each others destiny process. For example, the Sun conjunct the Vertex in synastry symbolizes an instant, love-at-first-sight attraction. HINT > Here again is that CafeAstrology article summarizing aspects from the planets to Vertex, as well as a list of which planet(s) rule which zodiac signs. ), Now, Google it all out but dont worry, Im gonna link you to hella resources for every sign, house, and type of aspect youll need to look it all up! Tho, from the research, it sounds like any planet connections to our Vertex - Anti-Vertex axis are ultimately beneficial, but I would add that, like most of our birth chart, it takes time and experience to tap into the benefits. allegedly, because, we have more creative control over the planets, points, and angles on the left half of our chart, and less control over the objects on the right half of the chart (according to Steven Forrest in The Inner Sky). ), WRITE OUT ITS OPPOSITE POINT > Anti-Vertex in (the opposite sign) in (the opposite house). , IF NOT, or if you have any other planets aspecting the Destiny Point in your chart, youll have to do a little Google-snooping to figure out how that might color your fateful meetings and encounters.
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