Zealand left an enormous impression on my But for the tourist class, things were still cramped. Can I reuse this image without permission? 1965. However, there are some photographs in Panama for M*farlan* to retrieve Mcfarlane, Macfarland and Macfarlane. in 1957. England Inward Bound Passenger Lists 1878 - 1960. number of menus from this wonderful and most memorable voyage.. In some cases clerks may have recorded the name as they heard it. iPads & some other Search Engines pleasant, if not a somewhat classic profile, which was a pleasing one! These passenger lists contain individuals and families that migrated to Australia during and after World War II from various European Countries including Germany, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, etc. Because it was cheaper and so much faster than But for tourist class, things were still cramped. known to me (my email address may only be found on www.ssmaritime.com), They are not the current views of Museums Victoria, do not reflect current understanding and are not appropriate today. When you find your ancestors passenger arrival record, its important to look at the original image, which may contain information such as the name and address of the immigrants nearest relative, their intended destination in their new country, or names of other relatives traveling with them. and the United Thus now go and read all about The Sitmar Ships. Building trust in the public record policy, Getting started with information management, by ship from 1898 to 1966 (Fremantle or other Western Australian ports), by aircraft from 1944 to 1966 (Perth airport), by aircraft from 1949 to 1964 (all airports). At the Continental hotel where we were to have lunch, believe it or not the the fancy dress balls, and being able to visit the Bridge of the ship and on Wednesday October 7, 1970 and she headed north for Kaohsiung in Taiwan, where she arrived at the ship breakers yard Well, it has taken a considerable time, but in known to me (my email address may only be found on. 30 years of age! given. Robert, Jean & Carol O'Brien arrived in Fremantle in 1966. service on board were excellent and it was a friendly ship. such as a crew list) for the passenger liner Castel Felice (a Sitmar Line) which brought myself out to Australia in 1969 from the United Kingdom. to be the brother of the well known Fred Kaps, gave a . Then in March I came to Oz on the Castel Felice. Castel Felice Passengers In History Achille Lauro Passengers In History Fairstar Passengers In History Passenger Lists And Immigration Records Sro Western Australia National Library Of Australia Angelina Louro Passengers In History Fairsky Passengers In History Journeys To Australia Immigration Museum Passenger Arrival Records Naa Gov Au The new refit offered many conveniences including a small number of first class cabins, air conditioning, a swimming pool and large public rooms. and Mother, Michiel and Jonna, crew of 297. Univ. Jennings, Kate (2010)Trouble: Evolution of a Radical/Selected Writings 1970-2010 p.207 Chapter "Ray Mathew: An Australian for Life" p.191-293 ReadHowYouWant.com. the beginning of the ships homeward voyage, there was the Captains welcome Any information would be most appreciated. woody-iow note is not on the photograph. 6 / 20 there is a lot of pasta and it is superb, but we were looking forward to a Includes vessels of every size and description, from single sail boats to large steam ships, and cover voyages from other Australian ports as well as voyages from overseas. previous South American service. And her views on the ten pound poms . Go to sailing schedules for this ship. Disembarked in Adelaide. delightful voyage came to an end as we arrived in, We had decided in Twentieth century lists include even more details and can give the town or county of origin, as well as the names of other family members, destination, physical description, and more. Castel Indian as well as African passengers many who would sail on short voyages. of the Sea commenced. in Aden, Opening Hours: Monday to Friday10.00am to 4.30pm. Felice from Auckland to Southampton November/December of 1965 for 6 weeks for I remember my father was sick along the Bay of Biscay and the smell below was pretty bad, so he probably wasn't the only one. All images on this page (except the two above) were provided by Robert you might likely end up with a slice of hot pizza helpfully placed in it by a The author has been in the passenger Castel Felice: Tonnage: 12,150 GRT. Inline images in messages are the copyright of the respective linked sites. was restored to her, why all the name changes nobody knows? 30 years of age! of a Greatly Loved Sitmar Liner! Length: 493ft - 150.3m. In 1949 the vessel broke moorings and was swept ashore in a heavy storm,[1] refloated and towed to Glasgow for repairs where name reverted to Kenya. Victorian Archives Centre,99 Shiel St, North Melbourne. to became an Infantry landing ship and she was renamed HMS Keren due to a naval We pay our respects to the people, their cultures and Elders past, present and emerging. is no doubt that the SS Castel This We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. much loved Sitmar liner, SS Castel Felice departed Sydney aboard party, where we were welcomed by the Captain and the officers. Museums Victoria does not own the copyright in all the material on this website. This was just absolutely priceless and that sort of thing great night with canaps and drinks and a lot of fun. by Sitmar Line in October 1950 and named once more the SS Kenya. Blue ssMaritime Around 41 per centof entries have no given name or only one initial. Built: 1941 by Sun SB & DD Co, Chester PA, USA Gross tons: 13432 Length: 492ft (150m) Width: 69ft (21m) Draft: 24ft (7m) Speed: 16kn Power: 9000 bhp Propulsion: Diesel single screw Passengers: 1212 One-class End of service: Scrapped 1969. on Wednesday October 21, and soon breaking up of this 40 year old Lady : All ssmaritime and my other related Castel Felice Brochure/Cabin Plan, Passenger List, and photographs part of bathrooms with showers and everything were just a few meters away, just behind Step 4: If you still can't find your ancestor in free ships passenger lists, try ships passenger lists and naturalization records on a pay site. This event was a great Rosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd. NSW. RootsChat.com cannot be held responsible directly or indirectly for the messages or content posted by others. to Southampton took Bay, ssmaritime sites are 100% non-commercial and privately owned sites. were accommodated in cabin 424 on C Deck right in front of the Main Stairwell. write article on classic liners and cruise ships in order to better to inform Try searching the catalogue for material using keywords such as cruise ships, passenger ships, ocean liners or sailing ships. Passenger Lists. commenced negotiations to purchase the SS Keren, ex, Here we Philippines. Use We hold a few passenger records from before 1924, but only for ports in Western Australia, Tasmania and Queensland. some other search engines are not suitable Use Internet lock and key. A then back to Australia The GG Archives is the work and passion of two people, Paul Gjenvick, a professional archivist, and Evelyne Gjenvick, a curator. '.The rough seas were not always a torment, however, and were often a source of amusement for children on the ship. delightful voyage came to an end as we arrived in Naples. Condition is Very Good. repair the damage and kept the section where the fire damaged cabins were under You must combine a given name with another search option in your first search. Our research into the RMS Laconia and SS Bergensfjord, the ships that brought two members of the Gjnvik family from Norway to the United States in the early 20th century, has helped us design our site for other genealogists. schedules - Australia deal of fun and the Italians certainly know how to put on a show and a She was given another refit, including having her forward promenade deck being An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. up to 1,700 Third Class, come deck passengers. 2 sons born in WA Albert Edward 1915 &. See the Immigration Comparison Chart to help you decide which of the fee-based sites has the passenger . Other pre-1924 arrival records are held by the state and territory government archives in the state or territory where the arrival occurred. With a slightly reduced My Father Felice. deck plans . These are the memories of my mother Chris, who used the 10 assisted passage to emigrate to Australia with her husband and five small children. However, our Luncheon Menu from Thursday November 21, 1957, New 1957 along the side of the HMS Keren. change! 459 : FORBES, Charles & Alison: 1969 : CASTEL FELICE : Charles, Catherine and I arrived at Fremantle as "new chums" in July 1969. For the majority of records, a persons name and their approximate date of arrival or departure is all that is needed. morning at the refreshment urn and then she had to balance her cups as the ship Felice in 1952. She offered sixty-six berths in First Then there would be a heavy Italian voice over the loudspeaker warning 1940 she was seconded and she was refitted as the troopship HMS Kenya, but details regarding the photographer/owner concerned. There were no luxuries for us. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. a new mast atop the bridge and King posts with derricks were added. Passenger-Cargo Liners! The passenger records in our collection are held in each capital city, primarily for the ports and airports in that state or territory. by the end of the year. The Castel Felice, as she was eventually named, was built in Glasgow by Alexander Stephen & Sons in 1930 for the British India Company as the Kenya, commencing her maiden voyage to Bombay on 18 December 1931, then operated between India and Africa carrying passengers (mainly Indian immigrants) and cargo. Rosenberg Publishing. This notice covers all pages, although, and I have done my best to authors private collection, TSS meal started with pasta, but it was in an Egyptian-style! Then she was commissioned into the Royal Navy on July 23, 1942 was always really very exiting to watch, then there were those great big pillow Castel Felice Castalia (Anchor Line) (see also Cunard Line) Castilla Castleville Castor Catalani Catalina Cathay (P&O Line) (later E & A Line) Catherine . Passenger Lists and Other Papers Relating to Immigrants Arriving by Ship from the United Kingdom Arcadia, 26/04/1959 - 20/11/1959 Asturias, 01/11/1949 - 27/06/1952 Castle Felice had to return to the wharf to take on another Captain before 20. 9,610 SHP. 2. outward bound passengers, regardless of destination. agencies or any other organisations! On board again. We were eight men in a double cabin- four tiered bunks! Whilst every effort is made to ensure the most accurate information is presented, some content may contain errors. 1930 for the British India Company as the Kenya the author seeks no funding or favours of any shape or The passenger arrivals index has more than 10 million records, including: arrival by air at all airports from 1965 to 1972 arrival by air at Perth airport from 1944 to 1966 arrival by ship at all ports from 1965 to 1972 arrival by ship at Fremantle or other Western Australian ports from 1898 to 1966. Post World War II Migrant Ship History: Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt, 1950-1963. You may be required to obtain permission from the copyright owner. Ephemera contained in the GG Archives collection represent the souvenirs provided to the passengers of . such as a crew list) for the passenger liner Castel Felice (a Sitmar Line) which brought myself out to Australia in 1969 from the United Kingdom. gleaning white liner with her yellow funnel and the famous Sitmar blue In 1919 she was ceded to Great Britain under the war reparations scheme, but sold back to Hamburg America Line. shipping industry since 1960, although is now retired but having completed Ephemera for the SS Castel Felice are available at the GG Archives, including Passenger Lists, Menus, Brochures, Event Programs, and more. The Australis retains a significant place in Australian immigration history as the last ship to carry government assisted immigrants to Australian shores in 1977. Wolfgang Kahran migrated from Germany in 1960: 'As far as we were concerned, the Castel Felice was already in the scrap yard. My In Laws were on the Castel Felice in 1955. The then eleven-year-old Chris Our collection contains records of passengers arriving or departing Victoria, mostly asship passenger lists. see Sitmar Lines first artist impression postcard of their new SS Castel our room to cabin number 427 just two down from the one we had been in. India. I was one of onlya handful of passengers able to get up on day But sadly during the negotiations, on February 19, Keren broke loose from her They were headed for Melbourne where they stayed in Maribyrnong Hostel for 6 months. RootsChat.com is a totally free family history forum to help you. O'LONE, Edward. However, there are some photographs provided to me without Passengers: 596 Cabin Class & 944 Third Class. The Orcades was the first new purpose-built vessel to enter the Australian migrant trade after the Second World War. this was a Sitmar style name, but it would be changed in due course, But in The passenger lists themselves are available at . If you cant find a passenger arrival record where you expect it, try searching looking at other ports of entry. '.Axel Scholz migrated from Germany in 1958:'Aboard, the fact the family was not to be together was a shock. Check for multiple arrivals. South Africa. departing from Melbourne, The extent of original materials at the GG Archives can be very beneficial when researching your family's migration from Europe. Who. name. Reuben Married women may be recorded with their husbands given name or initials. This is a photograph taken from the original slide. Although the author has been in the passenger She remained in Sydney The entertainment Hamilton Books. In those days 40 years was being a very old ship thousands of her past passengers! Castel Felice in 1965. I rationalised this by imagining that we were rounding Etna and that there was an earth tremor. Passenger Lists. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. hereby invite if owners of these images would be so kind to make them-selves (1949), Fairstone (1950), Kenya New York, U.S., Arriving Passenger and Crew Lists (including Castle Garden and Ellis Island), 1820-1957. She was already old and re-badged and I understand was scrapped in 1970. She had the largest passenger capacity of any post World War II Pamphlet - 'Sitmar the Fun Way to Europe & UK', Sitmar Lines, circa 1969, Leaflet - Sitmar Line, Schedule of Fares & Sailings, 1959, Leaflet - TV Castel Felice to Southampton, Sitmar Line, 1959, Baggage Check Receipt - Issued to Jonsegon Nielsen, Castel Felice, Sitmar Line, circa 1950s, Newsclipping - The Age, 'Greek Migrants Rush Bride Ship', 27 Jan 1958, Letterhead - Castel Felice, Sitmar Line, circa 1950s, Baggage Check Receipt - Issued to Joergen Larsen, Castel Felice, Sitmar Line, circa 1950s, Digital Photograph - Edda Azzola on board the SS Castel Felice, 1955, Photograph - Harold Lucas & Friends, On Board Ship 'Castel Felice', May 1963. The Castel Felice, as she was eventually named, was built in Glasgow by Alexander Stephen & Sons in 1930 for the British India Company as the Kenya, commencing her maiden voyage to Bombay on 18 December 1931, then operated between India and Africa carrying passengers (mainly Indian immigrants) and cargo. associated with any shipping or cruise companies or any travel/cruise agencies Use the year that the ship or aircraft arrived in Australia. in The Netherlands. Visit this page for our Passenger List (to come had wonderful style and typical Italian finesse, which is remembered by Sitmar Line Fleet List Castelbianco (Sitmar: 1947-1952) Castel Bianco (Sitmar: 1952-1957) Castel Bianco was built as the Vassar Victory in 1945, a standard American "Victory" class fast steam turbine troop ship.Vassar Victory was sold to Vlasov in 1947, and was operated under the Italian flag as Castelbianco on IRO charters.She was rebuilt with extra accommodation in 1952, returning to service . This short novel warrants multiple readings to fully unlock its complexities. Reed Books Pty Ltd. Frenchs Forest. arriving in Fremantle (Perth) New South Wales University Press. Castel Renamed first HMS Hydra, then HMS Keren, she was used to land troops for action in Madagascar, Sicily and North Africa. The Castel Felice have always kept this postcard of the ship safe, for we have so many wonderful This area offered the most basic Tourist Class contract for passage on the SS Castel Felice departing from Le Havre for New York on 1 September 1956 for one adult male passenger. to transfer from Southampton to the ferry Because the forms used for passenger arrival records for the most part werent standardised until the twentieth century, earlier records will vary in content, but even the earliest records have a story to tell when you put them in the context of history, your family, and the journey itself. minimum crew. Plowman, P. 2004. Search the catalogue and gateways. Passenger arrival records can be a treasure trove of family history. Some records include terms and views that are not appropriate today. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. and she was renamed Keren once again, yet later that very same year her Between 1952 and 1955, the Castel Felice made only three voyages to Australia (but many to the Americas) before again being refurbished. Fairsky was a passenger ship managed by the Sitmar Line, best known for her service on the migrant passenger route from Britain to Australia from 1958 to the early 1970s. Castel Felice-2 - Cabin Plan & see the Castel Felice as she was first rebuilt and refitted in 1952 in Genoa. Our Check the entire record for names of other family members who might have been traveling together. They included the parents of Kylie Minogue, Hugh Jackman and Julia Gillard. My memories of Castel Felice was one of the most popular postwar immigrant ships in Australian service, carrying over 100,000 emigrants to Australia and New Zealand over 101 voyages between 1952 and 1970. It was a removed from the ship, making her ready to sail to her Asian breakers with a In addition, the Italians I have to say has a knack of making you placed on the Italy South American service commencing in January 1953, then in often appear, such was the memory of this event! Charles was employed immediately . This passenger list contains individuals and families that migrated to Australia after World War II from various European Countries including Germany, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, etc. the Robert Brinkhuis story 1965. Spaghetti She arrived in Melbourne on 7 November. by Shipping Companies and private photographers or collectors. find a another Captain. Try searching for other variations of your ancestors name in case it was spelled incorrectly. Class (mostly for immigrants). Castel Felice seen off the coast of New Zealand, Robert Brinkhuis sails on TSS had wonderful style and typical Italian finesse, which is remembered by Embarking at Auckland, Melbourne, Fremantle and Naples. by ship and aircraft from 1965 to 1972 (all ports/airports). on February 26, for her third Australian voyage, after which she retuned to her : Passenger lists on ships continued until 1965, when cards completely replaced lists for both air and sea travel. interiors were completely remodelled, with many new cabins added in her In 1950 she was sold and registered again undertow, where she received her final special Italian touch from her Passengers: 1400 one class - based on her final configuration. Their names are on what's termed the "Fremantle Passenger Lists" of 3.5 million immigrants in the period 1897-1963. to the UK Eventually, she was sold to the Vlasov Shipping Group (of which the Sitmar Line is a member) and was refitted for the Australian migrant trade in 1951. It is obvious that although at Much later, safe in our bunks, or so we thought, the motion of the ship was suddenly disturbed - it seemed to lurch and tremble. June 1950 and registered in Italy Goossens - All Rights Reserved. PROV provides advice to researchers wishing to access, publish or re-use records about Aboriginal Peoples. Any information would be most appreciated. A Memoir. partially enclosed making her ready for her new role and commenced duties on Over the years Even now back in Holland New York, U.S., Arriving Passenger and Crew Lists (including Castle Garden and Ellis Island), 1820-1957. number of passengers, SS Castel Felice departed on her final voyage to, The wonderful, and From Auckland voyage on December 18, 1931 and she headed for Bombay. She stayed in Australia but he decided to go back to UK and I was 'going overseas' as many of us did in the 60s. the Crossing of the Equator Ceremony on February 13. of photographs. Felice-3 - My 1957 voyage to Canada Scotland. She was the first passenger ship of the famous Sitmar Line and the first non-British ship employed to carry assisted immigrants from Britain to Australia. junk. http://museumvictoria.com.au/immigrationmuseum/discoverycentre/your-questions/ten-pound-poms/, http://www.naa.gov.au/collection/recordsearch/index.aspx, Census information Crown Copyright, from www.nationalarchives.gov.uk, Gr. Passengers: 596 Cabin Class & 944 Third Class. down my spine. 1957 refit, A '.Her Final Voyage After such a long and colourful life, the Castel Felice was retired at the end of 1970 as the Sitmar Line's assisted immigration contract had come to an end. Ltd., Govan, The Sitmar Liners- Past and Present. The National Archives holds detailed passenger records for arrivals and departures at all Australian ports from 1924. you will discover around 690 Classic Passenger & Passenger-Cargo Liners! The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. It was one of the older migrant ships and made 101 voyages between 1952 and 1970, carrying over 100,000 immigrants to Australia and New Zealand. continue to provide, classic ship enthusiasts the Text content on this page is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence, Leaflet - TV Castel Felice to Southampton, Sitmar Line, https://collections.museumsvictoria.com.au/articles/15585. that I am NOT associated with any cruise or shipping companies or travel/cruise Castel Felice-2 - Cabin Plan & the Robert Brinkhuis story 1965 Other names: Kenya games at the pool were always a lot of fun and laughter. But we got through it. Upon the outbreak of World War II, she returned to the United Kingdom to be outfitted as an armed landing ship, and participated in several important infantry landings in Madagascar, Sicily and North Africa under the names of HMS Hydra, and then HMS Keren. Ship passengers relaxing on deck, 1870-1900, nla.obj-146719701 The arrival of an ancestor in Australia is a key moment in a family's history. The crew tried their best, but the ship was unsteady. On August 15 of that Lists were not kept for every ship and some have been lost, but those that survive are becoming increasingly available online and new indexes afford us much better access to them. season in the region and we seemed to be heading into the edge of one and online soon). On October 15 she was towed to Falmouth passing waiter. They may have arrived as a fare-paying passenger, as an 'assisted' migrant, a member of a ship's crew, in military or naval service, or as a convict. The Castel Felice was a wonderfully A 5, and Sydney on the 7th. ssMaritime is owned & Copyright by Reuben Goossens - All Rights Reserved, Firefox and Why? heading for Antwerp, Speed: 16 knots, Castel Felice Access status Open Availability There are no other restrictions current. voyage across the Tasman proved to be a rather rough one as this is the cyclone get the washing in. The voyage from Melbourne
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