sumus de sanktam unum. After some difficulties, Ali moved to Chicago, establishing a center there, as well as temples in other major cities. He suggested that all Asiatics should be allied. He is interested in both common definition and legal definition of any given word, though he cautions, Legalese is its own separate language from common adage. He provides another example, stating, Right and license are antithetical to each other, if you consider their legal meanings. Democrats say they have less confidence in the Supreme Court, on . [15], Ali believed that African Americans are all Moors, who he claimed were descended from the ancient Moabites (the kingdom of which he says is now known as Morocco, as opposed to the ancient Canaanite kingdom of Moab, as the name suggests). Relatione, _____ Page 1 of 6 [61], The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies Moorish sovereign citizens as an extremist anti-government group. The Supreme Court, 1982 Term Foreword: Before the Fez: The Life and Times of Drew Ali, 18861924,,,,,,,,,,,,, 19 Arthur Fauset, Black Gods of the Metropolis: Negro Religious Cults of the Urban North (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1944), 4151. all rise and stand and remain standing so you can hear and obey the commands from the living sovereign justices of the moorish american consulate of the moorish national republic federal government, as this is the sovereign living article iii moorish american (al moroccan) consular court action. 74 Eric Mungin Bey, Discover the Key to the Moorish Questions: A Study Guide for All Moorish Americans (Bloomington: Xlibris, 2009). sumus de sanktam unum. In 1913, Drew Ali formed the Canaanite Temple in Newark, New Jersey. Complete ruling (477k PDF). Moving to Milwaukee, Fort associated himself with the Moorish Science Temple of America. Because they have all filed their federal cases by themselves, the various judges involved have shown them considerable leeway in allowing them to make their claims, no matter how seemingly nonsensical they might be - such as that they are not, in fact, citizens of "the US corporation" and that the state troopers and county prosecutors involved in their cases are guilty of both treason and genocide. 76 Taj Tariq Bey on the Battlefield, 6:44. 7 Noble Drew Ali, A Warning from the Prophet in 1928 (Chicago: Young Men Moorish National Business League, 1928). 22 Azeem Hopkins-Bey, What is Our Free National Name?, Operation Proclamation, March 11, 2013, Abu Shouk, Ahmed I. "[27] With the growth in its population and membership, Chicago was established as the center of the movement. But Butler says he wasn't breaking and entering. 9. While this is often negativeblack, for instance, as a brand, a tool for oppressionwords can also reveal positive glimpses of the glorious Moorish past. "useRatesEcommerce": false 36 El Amin, Nationality, 45 (In this and following citations to El Amin, italics are original unless otherwise noted.). Imagine going to the UK and violating a county felony and then being like "Sorry, I'm an American. It is also known as the "Circle Seven Koran" because of its cover, which features a red "7" surrounded by a blue circle. The leader of a particular temple was known as a Grand Sheik, or Governor. [69] He was affiliated with the Washitaw Nation, and before his guilty plea had been judged possibly incapable of assisting in his own defense after filing incomprehensible sovereign citizen paperwork with the court. 3 Michael Barkun, one of the few scholars to address the sovereign citizen phenomenon, writes of the common ideology that unites sovereigns into a movement: even though there is no organizational framework linking sovereign citizens, there is sufficient commonality in their beliefs so that they form a distinctive population. Michael Barkun, A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America, 2nd ed. save, bookmark and check back daily for updates for this public announcement page for moorish nationality, liens, land claims, lawsuits, violent Ablion banishment notices. View all Google Scholar citations 58 Drew Ali, So This Is Chicago, Moorish Guide, October 26, 1928, Moorish Science Temple Papers, 19261967 (box 1, folder 5), Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library, New York City. Perkins cites "Standard Certificate of Death No. Timothy Drew was believed to have been born on January 8, 1886, in North Carolina, United States. He simply walked in and lived there. This is the uniting of the Holy Koran of Mecca for teaching and instructing all Moorish Americans, etc. Render date: 2023-03-05T04:31:13.781Z That was before President Joe Biden decided he unilaterally can forgive . The quick expansion of the Moorish Science Temple arose in large part from the search for identity and context among black Americans at the time of the Great Migration to northern and midwestern cities, as they were becoming an urbanized people.[6]. Ironically they should have found back channels to the Trump cabal and learned from them how to tell extreme lies that are still believable. 2 0 obj In the 1930s membership was estimated at 30,000, with one third in Chicago. 8 Fathie Ali Abdat has recently argued, based on the discovery of a World War I draft registration card with an address matching that in the Prof. [12], Chapters 20 through 45 are borrowed from the Rosicrucian work, Unto Thee I Grant with minor changes in style and wording. Moorish sovereigns tend to be black and younger; many get started on this path in prison. Noble Drew Ali, The Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America, the Foundations of a Nation (Lexington: Department of Supreme Wisdom, 2011), 12829. They often append El or Bey to their last names. In medievalRomance languages, variations of theLatinword for the Moors (for instance,ItalianandSpanish:moro,French:maure,Portuguese:mouro,Romanian:maur) developed different applications and connotations. The word \"Moor\" has its origin in 46 B.C. [55] Various groups and individuals identifying as Moorish sovereign citizens have used the unorthodox "quantum grammar" created by David Wynn Miller. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. all rise and stand and remain standing so you can hear and obey the commands from the living sovereign justices of the moorish american consulate of the moorish national republic federal government, as this is the sovereign living article iii moorish american (al moroccan) consular court action. Moorish Science Temple Papers, 19261967 (box 1, folder 5), Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library, New York City. Many people see the court as conservative more conservative than the American public. 1 split from the Moorish Science Temple of America. That's a pretty common theme in their legal rantings - like the supposed Congressional repeal of the 14th amendment on a specific day (which was, in fact, just one good ol' boy from Louisiana whining about Loving v. Virginia in a speech preserved by the Congressional Record). A monster cannot inherit land, In reality none of us can inherit any land because [m]ost people pay property taxes, which means most people are inadvertently subject to being a monster. Randy Stroud, Blacks Law: Lesson 1, YouTube video, 0:383:45, 7:089:00, posted by General Zero, July 27, 2013, Edward E. Curtis IV and Danielle Brune Sigler (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2009), 7090. The file that the FBI created on the temple grew to 3,117 pages during its lifetime. The woman said she discovered the movement while doing research for a college class on the U.S. Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision, the 1857 . Tariff Sharif Bey, a Detroit, MI man formerly known as Aaron Lamont Johnson, remains locked up at an Essex County jail in Middleton in lieu of $100,000 bail following his arrest along Rte. Gorton began by ruling that Bey had given him no reason to intervene in the ongoing criminal case in state court, especially given past rulings that federal judges should steer clear of state cases where defendants have ample opportunity to make their case, which he said was the case here. [56] Moorish sovereign citizens, who consider that black people constitute an elite class within American society,[56] are in the paradoxical situation of using an ideology which originated in a white supremacist environment.[57]. Choose My Signature. [5], The Moorish Science Temple of America was incorporated under the Illinois Religious Corporation Act 805 ILCS 110. [54], During the 1990s, some former followers of the Moorish Science Temple of America and the Washitaw Nation formed an offshoot of the sovereign citizen movement which came to be known as Moorish sovereign citizens. The Moorish, who were the ancient Moabites, and the founders of the Holy City of Mecca. They're US citizens whether they want to be or not. He argues that the arrested development (psychologically, socially, of the individual and the nation) of African Americans manifests in their lingo, when they refer to their female partners as mama and uses such adolescent terms as crib for domicile! (325). DONATIONS:PayPal: App:$Kspray175#SOVEREIGN#SOVEREIGNCITIZEN#SOVCIT#SOVEREIGNCITIZENS#MOORISHAMERICAN#RISEOFTHEMOORS #CanaanlandMoors#SOVCIT #SOVEREIGN #MOROCCO#ARRESTED #MOORISHAMERICANSOVEREIGNCITIZEN #MOORISHAMERICANSOVEREIGN #TRUTHSCIENCE#TRUTHSCIENCE151 The founding of the Nation of Islam by Wallace Fard Muhammad in 1930 also created competition for members. Most of them are African Americans who belong to the Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA) and claim to be descendants of the Moors of northern Africa, though they are not; Moors are of mixed Berber and Arab descent rather than being African American in the usual sense of being descended from black Africans. THE MOORISH SUPREME COURT, et al., Plaintiffs/Appellants, v. THE SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION, et al., Defendants/Appellees. 4 Robert Cover, "The Supreme Court, 1982 Term - Foreword: Nomos and Narrative," Harvard Law Review 97, no. El-Amin's name is not consistently hyphenated in his publications. Moorish National Republic Federal Government North East Amexem Territories and Dominions YeSharon Akasha El Rose Bey, Supreme Judiciary Pennsylvania Republic Branch: c/o 1300 Macdade Boulevard, Suite 2 #439 Folsom, Pennsylvania Republic [19033] Phone: (856) 362-4392 / Fax: (856) 200-8857 Email: ", "Group of men involved in hours-long highway standoff expected to face 'a variety of charges', "What is 'Rise of the Moors,' the R.I. group that broadcast live from the I-95 standoff? "African-American and Other Street Gangs: A Quest of Identity (Revisted)". Content may require purchase if you do not have access.). [55] The number of Moorish sovereign citizens is uncertain but possibly ranges between 3,000 and 6,000 organized mostly in small groups of several dozen. ("Asiatic" was the term Drew Ali used for all dark or olive-colored people; he labeled all whites as European. the judge spent the last few years building up an immunity to their iocane powder bullshit. The Ammuurian Tribe Judicial Branch of government consists of two (2) courts, the Supreme Court and the Grand Virtual Court. In this way, they might take their place in the United States by developing a cultural identity that was congruent with Drew Ali's beliefs on personhood. 22. The Massachusetts police got into a standoff with several members of an armed group on Friday night, which continued into Saturday morning, July 3, causing a closure of a part of Interstate 95 overnight and a shelter-in-place order for parts of the communities of Wakefield and Reading. The Moorish nation of 150,000,000 of the U.S.A., shall not be destroyed for lack of truth and knowledge of the law and constitution of the MOORS. [53], On July 15, 2019, Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney, as part of a diversity program, proclaimed July 15 to be "Morocco Day". They practice Islam and denounce the sovereign citizens movement and identify as U.S. citizens. 29 Connally-Bey reprints C. M. Bey's Zodiac Constitution. A full text of C. M. Bey's version is available at [42] When his leadership was rejected, Ford El broke away from the Moorish Science Temple. The court entered not guilty pleas on their behalf and some will be back in court on Friday. 35 Compare, for instance, similar historical narratives in sovereign texts such as David E. Robinson, Reclaiming Your Sovereignty: Take Back Your Christian Name (n.p. moorish american consulate gateway to the article iii moorish american consular court mailing location: care of 401 east 1st street #158 near. Nelson-Bey. That's the crux of all of this, a piece of paper that has never existed says it's all good. However, the governors of the Moorish Science Temple of America declared Charles Kirkman Bey to be the successor to Drew Ali and named him Grand Advisor.[36]. Indeed, El-Amin is one of the more prom inent and prolific sovereign Moorish theorists. 80 Catherine Wessinger, How the Millennium Comes Violently: From Jonestown to Heaven's Gate (New York: Seven Bridges Press, 2000), 160. "Mystery of the Moorish Science Temple: Southern Blacks and American Alternative Spirituality in 1920s Chicago". They were nicknamed negroes. If you look in some dictionaries you will see that the word negro means a sly person; a coon. Thanks! Ahlstrom (p. 1067), Lippy (p. 214), Miyakawa (p. 12). 695. In religious texts, adherents refer to themselves racially as "Asiatics", as the Middle East is also western Asia. It is the duty of every man who lives to redeem the name of his forefathers and not be herded in to a mass of weaklings. The Washitaw Nation, a Moorish branch, is tied to a group in Poverty Point, Louisiana. Members believe the United States federal government to be illegitimate, which they attribute to a variety of factors including Reconstruction following the U.S. Civil War and the abandonment of the gold standard in the 1930s. no UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY CITIZEN nor THEIR AGENTS PRINCIPALS HEIRS ASSIGNS nor anye DERIVATIVES THERE OF has personam jurisdiction, nor terratorial jurisdiction, nor subject matter jurisdiction over me nor over any moors. During the 1930s and 1940s, continued surveillance by police (and later the FBI) caused the Moors to become more withdrawn and critical of the government.[46]. If you like what we're up to and want to help out, please consider a (completely non-deductible) contribution. The Moorish nation of 150,000,000 of the U.S.A., shall not be destroyed for lack of truth and knowledge of the law and constitution of the MOORS. During the context of theCrusadesand theReconquista, the term Moors included the derogatory suggestion of \"infidels\".. The federal agency later investigated the organization in 1953 for violation of the Selective Service Act of 1948 and sedition.
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