Video marketing. Buy Trimix injection online for direct application on the penis makes it frequently more efficient at causing an erection suitable for sex than oral ED therapies. I recommend using an auto injector. Our first session with the elixir was proceeding at a leisurely pace when I happened to glance at the clock. Some people say you can use Cialis with Trimix. Adrenaline will deflate a man even with a large dose of trimix. I was told that all the nerves were spared and I should be fine in a few months. Welcome to, the leading and best-moderated mens health forum focused on increasing health, potency and productivity in men. That remains true regardless of how many Trimix units are contained in a specific injection. "935-1035 gf begging for mercy i cant take any more she says im done i cant walk." As the name suggests, trimix includes 3 active ingredients, and as the vial sits in the refrigerator awaiting your next use gravity is constantly at work pulling those ingredients towards the bottom of the vial. Brand new Trimix user here and I thought Id share my results so others maybe in a similar age/health group would benefit from my experience. Using an implant is not an acceptable route for me, in my opinion so I discovered a clinic in Indianapolis which helped tremendously. A dose for me is around 2 units, so I get about 22 injections. Haven't felt confident like that in years. The only option is to purchase Trimix from a reliable, regulated pharmacy with a prescription. Trimix Injections are used as a second-line treatment when oral ED medications dont work. Postby Cigar56 Fri Nov 06, 2015 4:16 am, Postby Cigar56 Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:27 am, Postby Cigar56 Tue Dec 15, 2015 7:49 am, Postby ocitgo Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:20 am, Postby Cigar56 Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:28 pm, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 2 guests. So I had to learn by trial and error. Sildenafil RDT from USA What Is It and Why to Get It. went home and had the best sex ever with the wife. Thats why you should never rely on Internet searches or articles like this alone to determine how many units of Trimix are suitable. But that was just a dry run.. cc or cubic centimeter a measure of volume, equivalent to 1 milliliter (mL) of liquid. Its been 5 months no erections so I went the trimix route, The DR prescribed .2 units, thus my first experience I ended up in the ER with three injections to reduce (no fun). Though the administration method is different, Trimix works following the same general mechanisms of oral ED medications like Viagra and Cialis specifically, relaxation of blood vessels and improving blood flow. Nothing like a good successful round of sex to bring people to a whole new way of looking at things (I could never stick a needle there! Hi Guys, You need to seek professional help when using trimix. I use the Ambimed Inject-eaze with 0.5ml, 31ga, 5/16 BD insulin syringes. So I've tried Trimix 5 times with varied results. make sure the vial of trimix is mixed up very well prior to every injection. the hardest part is trying to learn to have sex again. It is stated to NOT freeze these hormones on the instructions as such will destroy the effect. After this time, it should lose its efficacy, and any erection should go away on its own. Consult your doctor if you're thinking about buying Trimix and trying to determine if it's the appropriate choice for you. Therefore, the ultimate Trimix injection price for a single injection would be much lower in the latter case than in the former. They still leave with a starting dose and titration scale for home but it is reduced. This is a reply that may apply to many regarding Trimix and Penile injections in general. I never recovered the ability to get a natural erection even using Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis, but they did improve blood flow. How many units should you take? Intracavernous injection of Trimix (Tx) is indicated for patients unsuitable for prostaglandin E 1 (PgE 1) injection due to lack of response, pain or cost. He tries several times to make it work, and is usually successful but that is frustrating to him, plus it has started to hurt him a bit. Copyright 2016 All rights reserved. In addition to a host of precautions regarding how frequently to use Trimix, and other medications to avoid while using Trimix (e.g., oral ED medications), most prescribers will discuss an appropriate starting dose, the amount by which patients can increase dosage each time, and an upper limit of how many units of Trimix to take in any single administration. Tried all the oral medications with no success. Better than the real thing. The medication is expensive but in our opinion well worth it for physical and mental health plus lots of fun with enjoyable sex. 5 cc nothing happened. It worked again. This way a prescription will be written, forwarded to the compounding pharmacy that is linked to being filled, and then delivered to your house for effective administration. They are using anything between 2 1/2 units (0.025ml) - 30 units (0.30 ml) of Trimix ( PGE1-Papaverine-Phentolamine 10mcg-12mg-1mg/mL formula). I went tried 1 units that was too much -erection lasted three hours.. I have a strip of Allegra-D just in case. on my first test does of TRIMIX was able to have sex. Best Wishes, SueJean. Common insulin syringes are available in 0.3 ml, 0.5 ml, and 1 ml. If she's not in the mood, will I be able to shoot pool with my new found "stick"? Employee communication . This means that injection therapy may be cheaper, if not somewhat . Sure, but if you can only have 3 injections a week, and not more than 2 in a row, then what? Thank you so much, you cant imagine how much youve helped people. I am going to incrementally back off from 0.2 to see how low I can go before failure. He's also developed Peyronie's syndrome. A2. Trimix is a prescription drug, therefore it carries certain risks. Papaverine HCl 30 mg/ml. Yeh, Ill try it, but the needle thing was really my big hang up. My husband had it once and he was pretty unhappy. riverside, I have used Trimix for almost 2 years as well and I have found that the walls of my penis on each side are not the same thickness. I then went to .5 units, got some enlargement but not enough for erections. My uro. e. Thank you. Sex addiction, or compulsive sexual behavior disorder, has been difficult to define. You must make sure the needle penetrates the Caverness. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I see posts of 20 & 30 cc of tri-mix. Can you doible check those doses you are taking? Once, my husband was just about hitting the 4-hour mark, you know when youre supposed to go to the ER. Now I think I have the dose and techniques to manage a 1.5 hour woody. I see posts of 20 & 30 cc of tri-mix. And please repost more experiences, especially if you convince her to bring her friends or sisters over lol. Im 61 and pills (Viagra, Levitra, Cealis, etc worked for awhile but eventually became ineffective). I havent had prostrate surgery or such; but am impotent due to blood pressure and anti depressives. I have not tried it and dont know what the cost might be, but it might get over the folks that just cant do injections. Trimix has to be made at a compounding pharmacy. She wants to see how big and how hard we can make my erection. Forum rules. Anyway, I got a urologist who thought it was a swell idea. Sep 24, 2014. You dont have to worry about finishing before anything goes away. TriMiX Injection: Papaverine HCl 150 mg, Phentolamine Mesylate 5 mg, Prostaglandin E1 50 mcg. c. Insert the needle through the rubber top and inject the air into the vial. In my experience reading posts here and on my other group, I would say that around 10 percent of guys stop it because of that reason. It should be at room temperature. Not everyone requires this step, but some keep upping their Trimix dose and it doesnt work (disappointing and expensive). An open discussion on Erectile Dysfunction. But if I were you I wouldn't push my luck. The most frequent adverse effects are soreness at the injection site, minor bleeding that occurs right away after administration, and some initial discomfort. I have erections that last a couple of hours, depending on stimulation. In an ideal world, the Trimix injections wear down without any external help. It works. I read many forums regarding Trimix, like this one, before visiting my urologist and getting Trimix prescription and learned from others posts so here goes. When administering an injection, especially in such a delicate location, always employ good cleanliness and safety precautions. Is easy to apply, and is painless. Worst case scenario is it can result in amputation of the penis. Trimix is all I need. Also, injectionshave beenshown toplay a role in penile rehabilitation, or restoring natural erectile function after surgery. By the way Im a non smoker, minimal alcohol, body fat in the single digits, resting heart rate 48 bpm work out six times per week. A friend of mine runs some of the Male Performance Clinics in TX introduced me to TRIMIX about 6 months ago and I can not be thankful enough,, It was a little nerve wrecking at first but after about the 7th time of injecting myself I have no hesitations about the process, It did not take long to get my doses correct so that I do not need antidote any more. 36 is barely enough, and after reading your story I might go for the gusto an try 40. But, therein lies my question. Then I collapsed. It costs me $140. It is injected in the side of the penis at the base. The active ingredients in the penile injections Trimix and Quadmix are alprostadil, papaverine, phentolamine and atropine. Like all guys, DH was not exactly keen on shooting up *there*. In this video we run through how to administer an intracavernosal injection (aka peinle injection) using a compounded preparation - whist there is a lot to t. provide you memorable satisfaction. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We have over 300 formulations to work for you. I have been using Tri-Mix for about 2 years now. A1. The greatest drug after prostate removal. . It is then demonstrated on a penile model how the injection should be administered because there are variations in technique that can have a major impact on dosing and effectiveness of the injection for patients. Folks,on August 13th Illbe celebrating myfirst anniversary of participating in online conversation. Reckoned I could have gone for another 1 hour session last week but I'm still learning about. My clinic provided me with 34cc of medication which should be injected into the penis at either 10AM or 2PM using a manual injector with a safety device to assure the injector is fully depressed against the penis, before initializing the ejector button. Hi, Has Radical Postectomy 14 months ago. Learn how your comment data is processed. I have no pain from the injections. Boy, did I need a drink and a Power Bar! Jumped to 12 cc had a great time but erection lasted 2 hours and very sore. But when after almost 4 hours, it wouldn't die down no matter what, not even with two sudafed 30mg pills, I had to go to the clinic and they drew some blood from my penis and injected an antidote of the same sudafed. I was talking to another person who has used trimix and also had issues with it. I dont know how you could even accurately measure that in a syringe. This misinformation can be dangerous to newbies. It is important to note, however, that Trimix does not cure any underlying causes of ED, but can be an effective treatment to produce erections satisfactory for penetrative sexual intercourse. No, not for me. My dick rose like a phoenix and was ready for the battle after several years. Sign up for the free quarterly Advanced Prostate Cancer Newsletter. The antidotes for these erections are pseudoephedrine, norepinephrine, or phenylephrine. How to know before marriage that you are sexually fit? You should look and feel your best all the time. It also really depends on the ratio of those 3 ingredients in the Trimix. No, the first injection may have punctured the urethra or other tissue. dosage prescribed by your doctor, filling this volume with air. We were advised to learn to use our bodies in different ways. Be aware of what you are taking as a supplements as well. It may take 2-6 injections to find the dose that causes an erection strong enough for penetration. By MenMD, Boston MA. Tear open an alcohol swab and wipe the rubber top of the bottle to sterilize it. Sourcing your Trimix through a licensed and reputable pharmacy, with a prescription, is the only way to go. Monochromatic, pink and purple tones. Awesome forum, and yes, trimix is excellent. These medications include: Papaverine. You can bring up demos online. Power your marketing strategy with perfectly branded videos to drive better ROI. Trimix is slowly becoming unobtainable because of cost. Any suggestions on having an orgasm while using Trimix? I lost 90% of my erection ability and have recovered about 60% since. I did research on the internet and found out about penile injections. Trimix works much better than Viagra with no side effects. Attempt 2: 8 units (.08ml) resulting in an ER trip and an erection around 8 hours. Click here to sign up, Copyright 1999-2021 Malecare, Inc | All Rights Reserved, not actually 20 or 30 units of trimix. Anyway, them came August 13, my birthday,andDH got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Any potential side effects or injuries that could result from injection are decreased or eliminated with proper administration. ED Forum (Viagra, Cialis, Trimix, Implants). And I will have to remember to switch sides the urologist never mentioned that one. Happy first anniversary which I trust you and Ted will celebrate well. It worked, and what a RELIEF! Once we got the dosage right and the erections down to about two hours, all remains great and our sex is BETTER than before surgerybecause we view it as a gift that we will never take for granted. I only ever injected a single time per episode, but if you did not inject enough with the first injection, as long as you don't inject more than is needed with the second (and you immediately re-inject at a different location), I would not think there should be a bad . Like most, I kind of sphinctered up at the thought of pressing a needle into my penis. The key here is that the response can be unpredictable, erratic, and risky if the vial is not THOROUGHLY mixed prior to EVERY use to ensure uniformity of solution. WARNING: These videos below, including those from, may be helpful but also may include porn advertisements positioned alongside the video. Took 2 extra strength Tylenol , 2 sudafed and ice. Yes, if your nerves were spared, the use of injections, which stimulate the flow of blood to the penis, may help the recovery of your natural erections. But then I got somenice notes from people in the groups (as well as some propositions), and I became hooked on prostate cancer conversation. But after Dr. Melman gave him the first shot, his fears vanished. Not sure if this will be of help but I notice it helps to massage a bit before the injection to get it a bit enlarged. After an orgasm or ejaculation, the subsequent erection often lasts for one to two hours and may or may not disappear. Most often, this roughly translates into: That does not mean, however, when looking at how many units of Trimix may be useful for a given individual, that dosages higher than 50 units have not been prescribed. Attempt 1: 5 units (.05ml) decent erection lasting around a half hour. Since our clinic is not driven by sales/profit we are more focused on safety and success, in that order. I get a 5ml bottle. For instance, my dose is 0.3 ML and so the 5 CC container is good for about 16 shots. Just like with the Tempur-pedic bed, *you* set the firmness. Two years ago, looking for an alternative to Viagra, whose side effects (headache, blocked sinuses, nasty stiff neck, general ill feeling) were increasingly annoying, I discussed the issue with my urologist who recommended TriMix. The appointments are very difficult to get where I live. Trimix works by the same broad processes as oral ED drugs like Viagra and Cialis, they primarily relax the blood vessels and enhance blood flow, despite the different administration methods. One side effect of Tri Mix, it has turned my wife into a size queen. After injection, the puncture site should be compressed and the corpora cavernosa massaged to facilitate drug distribution. the. Did not help. 62% of reviewers reported a positive experience, while 24% reported a negative experience. but, if this possibly could work, I was willing to try it. Injex claims to penetrate to 0.9mm. Courage, guidance and help. Any of those might be a hopeful sign for eventual recovery. You should not take Trimix more frequently than specified or inject it anywhere other than in the appropriate part of the penis. It has 120mg of Pseudoephedrine. Here are links to Trimix injection videos. I have settled on high quality single use insulin syringes. My operation was nerve soaring on one side. At the other end of the spectrum, is the older gentleman (greater than 75 years old) with . I went and they did a sonar test to hear my blood flow. Our patients are thoroughly educated in a 2 step process before using ICI (intracavernous injections) at home. The maximum dose is 0.50 cc. Unlike oral ED treatments, where any benefit or action is spread throughout the body and bloodstream, Trimixs direct local action in the penis means it is often far more effective in generating an erection satisfactory for sex. In many forums, you will see people talking BS about the gains they have had on the Trimix. i woke up one morning and had severe stomach pains as well as a (low) fever. I find it works well. The maximum dose is 0.50 cc. Its painless. They premix the formula and provide individual syringes for each injection/application. My doctor injected me with some med that helped in calming down my erections. Trimix is effective for over 80% of the men, regardless of the cause of ED or their age. There is no set dosage; instead, it is usually adjusted gradually based on feedback from the patient and the physician. I tell those that are considering this, there virtually is NO discomfort in the shots compared to the incredible joy it brings us. Next time used 10 cc again nothing happened. FDA regulation each of the compounding pharmacies is held accountable to It is a very potent mixture of three effective ED drugs, including phentolamine, papaverine, and alprostadil, which are only available by prescription. I had a raging boner in 15 min, great feeling. Trimix injections can be used up to three times a week, with 24 hours between doses. The antidotes for these erections are pseudoephedrine, norepinephrine, or phenylephrine. Do You REALLY need to take TRIMIX? I couldnt be more pleased. I am a diabetic, and I have ED. TriMix Dosage The dosages will vary among patients depending on their individual level of ED, however, the initial dose should be 0.05 cc to 0.2 cc. I would just like to pass on my thanks for your blog .I stumbled on it on Google but am reluctant to say what words I used as a strap to Google I found it amusing and informative but better than that, I found it encouraging . It always points to water right below me - probably because live near a lake. After some paralysis issues almost 20 years ago I got ED and I've taken Viagra and Cialis since with OK results but could quickly lose my erection if conditions were less than optimal like awkward positions, distractions, etc and never had it soo rigid for so long. In most cases, Trimix injection results in a hard and lasting erection. I was amazed at how much of "sexy feeling" is pure chemistry. Anyway, our marriage suffered because we had to make so many compromises to keep things going (Ill not go into detail but some are considered not mainstream). It was great! Do you think you hit the right area / angle when you tried the lower dosages? Wait! If you had success with the .05ml dose the first time I would repeat that again and consume the same foods and supplements. How watching pornography can cause erectile dysfunction. Carey Frasca There is no standard dosage, and it is usually incrementally tailored to the individual via feedback between the patient and the prescriber. if you suffer from ED go see a urologist. You Doubting Thomases can learn a lot from this lucky guy. As many as 95% of men reported satisfactory erections for penetrative sex thanks to Trimix, even after treatment with oral ED medications had failed them. My URO changed the formula to a weaker one so that I could inject more. You eventually learn to titrate the dose, which is just a fancy word for getting it right. Step 2 Wipe the rubber top of the bottle with the alcohol pad. JavaScript is disabled. Hormones are able to stop, start, enhance, or restrict the actions , Every so often a mysterious new molecule grabs the publics attention making the rounds of news, magazines, and social media before quickly disappearing into irrelevance soon after emerging. a yr ago i heard a commercial on the radio for a doctor here in FL that guaranteed success or your money back. Trimix Injection Site Below are step-by-step instructions detailing how to properly use your penile injection at home without a doctor. Love to have more, but it aint happening for me. Oh, and Leah, thank you so much for taking the lead in this. Such fun! that took about 2 weeks and I use every two days. WOW. Never where inject in the top or the bottom as this could cause injury. Download our Tri-mix and Quad-Mix Patient . Woke up with priaprisim and wound up in ER. When taking the injections, remember the. So an experimentation time is required for each person to get the correct formulation. So I've tried Trimix 5 times with varied results. Very important that the penis is fully flaccid/soft when injecting. Showed me everything about the injection (got one) and everything was hunky Dory. This approach may lessen the major impediments to prostaglandin E1 use, that is burning and pain. Hi Leah , The risk of its adverse effects is quite minimal provided proper injection technique is utilized, precautions are observed, and the physician is informed of all medical or prescription histories. You must have different strength trimix. Patients should wait a full 48 hours before increasing their dosage. If you are considering buying Trimix, and deciding if it might be right for you, then talk to your doctor. It typically contains a combination of three active ingredients that can help improve blood flow for an erection. It contains three vasodilators: papaverine, phentolamine, and prostaglandin E1. Little Pink Pill AKA Female Viagra, Looking for opinions on recent labs (Clomid), Testosterone explained - British Menopause Society. I tapered my trimix dose to get things in order. Wait 48 hours before increasing dosage. I found a pharmacy in San Antonio, TX, Talon Pharmacy, they cant ship everywhere, but fortunately the can ship to Florida, their prices was the best I could find, $112 including freight for 10 ml, so at my present level I can get 50 injections, u can do the math, but that is is just a tad over $2/ injection. Users browsing this forum: Bing [Bot] and 2 guests. Trimix is a mixture of three different medications that men inject directly into the penis to treat Erectile Dysfunction. That's because it's made in a sterile environment and tailored to your needs. How did the 4.5 units work for you?
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